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Bridge of the Week - TOS Console Render Test

Tossed the bridge bones along with the built consoles and lit them out. Seeing a few mesh errors that need to be fixed, but she's rendering out ok so far. :)

Built in TrueSpace 3.2
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with iRay
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Looks incredible, awesome work! If you don't mind me asking... What program(s) do you use to texture the sets when you get to that point, or is it all done within Truespace? Is it the same process as other programs where you have to UV map the models?
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The way I build them I try to avoid having to resort to doing a UV wrapper if I can help it. Generally the screens are modeled as their own entities so it's one texture per screen. These consoles are going to be a TAD different though. Going to have one big texture for the whole console and I'm just going to do it kind of like an overlay only dropping it from the side and then just using the image of the mesh to lay out the screens and then make a LOT of adjustments until they're right where they need to be. 

It'll help though that the materials are going to be tied to that so I can cheat a bit and the screens won't blend into the rest of the console. 

For example, going across up top, it'll go Material 1 (blue frame), Material 2 (silver inset), Material 3 (screen), Material 2, etc. so that Material 3 will tie into the textures for the screens and it won't touch Mat 2 or Mat 1 at all. 
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Oh ok I see, thanks. Is that all done within Truespace? I'm just starting to look into modeling and related topics, have checked out a couple tutorials on uv wrapping/unwrapping. I have Blender but haven't used it much...I'll probably get Zbrush or Cinema4D. I've used Zbrush briefly and think I like it, and C4D is supposedly decent for beginners (as well as advanced) which would help me early on as I start out. I appreciate the explanation you gave me very much, thank you. Your stuff is so enjoyable to see as it develops.
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When I go to lay out the textures for the console I'll do up a step by step for how I'm doing it so you can see. Most of the layout is initially done in Truespace, but the actual texture making is done in Photoshop/Gimp. 
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You're too kind, taking the time to show us your methods like that. I'll definitely be checking it all out though if you decide to do that.
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It's no problem at all. It's why I do the WIPs at all because people had asked how I got from A to B. :)
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A great trio of sets & designs
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Looks to me like it could be the bridge of the Daedalus Class. :D
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Daedalus, Hermes, Saladin... all good.  I'm thinking anything in the TOS era that's smaller than a Connie but bigger than a freighter ;)  I'm going to gear the displays and information to the Saladin Class USS Sephora. :)
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Oh man, that looks good!
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Thank you! Need to get the other stations and walls done up then I can get to texturing and she'll really come alive. :)
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Wow, making good progress!  :thumbsup:
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Thank you! It's coming along faster than I thought, but that always happens right up until the texturing bit. lol
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