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Big Four Design Group - Sol System - Office Comple

Borrowed some of my own furniture and converted the starship briefing room into an office aboard a starbase. 

I so wish I could work here.

Built in TrueSpace 3.2
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with iRay
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LOVE the wooden curved wall!!
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Were not talking Ford-Chevrolet-Dodge-Subaru LOL. Is it Earth-Andor-Vulcan-Bajor LOL 
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LOL no, it's actually a reference to a bridge right down the road from me.…  Just throwing a little homegrown idea into Trekdom. ;)
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OH poo no!! I live in Jackson Ohio "Ohia" to us'ens!! that is so cool!!
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Yup yup. Although I'm a transplant. Used to live near Buffalo NY. Oh wow you're way down by Portsmouth. 
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yup if you look at Jackson county, I live outside near Wellston
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Very cool. I'm right where I like it, just far enough out to be considered in the middle of nowhere but less than an hour from somewhere. ;)
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Wonderfully done! It would fit right in on any star trek show. The wood paneling is a nice touch, makes it feel more welcoming.

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Thank you!  Definitely what I was going for. :)
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I would love to work there myself
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Especially right now. Not a damned phone in sight. 
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Stunningly beautiful
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A very welcoming environment.  Nifty!  Plenty of space, open and airy.
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Thank you!  Not bad for a room full of 're-purposed' objects ;)
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Amazing job building this office and an incredible looking render! Love the way all the shapes of your designs blend together for such an excellent looking composition... the wall bends, ceiling cutouts, furniture angles, arrangement and spacing are done perfectly from a purely aesthetic perspective. Sorry for most of your work I can't really comment on the accuracy or likeness of the subject matter, as the Star Trek universe is something I'm not hugely familiar with, although I've gotten so much more interested in it based mainly on the influence your work has had on me. Oh and also, you do kind of work here (in that office) and every other environment you work on, as each one becomes your personal workspace as you're building it. Plus you can always scale it up as much as you want-to real world size even lol, and model yourself into it if you choose :)
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Thank you!  It's very much taken from two sets and mashed together to form one. The base is my Briefing Room and the other are parts from the Stateroom set I did. This would definitely not be something we'd seen on screen so, I can do what I want LOL  But I appreciate it. :)
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Looks awesome
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Reworking a room for new uses. Good.  Making it work and look natural.  Perfect.  Ya aced this one girl.
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Hey, when you're working on a show with a budget, you re-use existing resources as much as possible. ;)

And thank you!
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Great looking office. I agree, I totally wish I could work there.
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Thank you!  Yeah I was totally going with wishful thinking as I re-arranged it all lol
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