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Babylon 5 Omega Class Bridge WIP 05

More work on the consoles and lighting and some detailing. Started hashing out some chairs and view screens. 

Built in Truespace 3.2
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with iRay
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I am LOVING the chairs.  The so called, "Lightwalls" are neat.  Whole wall panels just to light up the room.
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Thanks!  I have to really play around with the padding and what I'm going to do for the Captain's chair as far as arm consoles go. Still playing around with the idea of a side station ala the Defiant. I just don't want that ridiculous mounted display they used on the show for the Severed Dreams episode. LOL

I did borrow the light panel idea from the Bab 5 set. Hell most of what I have here is borrowed in some way, shape or form to give it a new feel but still retain that... Babylon 5... thing. LOL 
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It's looking great thus far and I am really into those chairs.  I prefer the consoles / stations with higher back chairs as a person sits there for so long, they NEED a comfy chair with the higher back.  Some of the ST bridge chairs from the early "B" era seemed so flimsy and had no back at all, more like a stool.  The TMP chairs even had the moving armrests that locked them in place of any type of seatbelts.  I know, I am obsessed with the good chairs.  I sit most of the day at my computer and I, myslef prefer a good chair as i am here for so long.  Seems like a no brainer but it matters, to me at least and your designs appear to address this most of the time.
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Yeah, it comes from doing basically that at my day job all day long ;)

A crap chair will definitely mess with my back. >_<