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Babylon 5 Omega Class Bridge WIP 04

Started hashing out a ceiling and walls to make this a bit more of a bridge, I've got wall slots designed to 'mount' monitors in there. Got a few ideas from Endgame, but overall, I like having stations in front of the Captain instead of a giant free range pacing area. I split the console I had there in two and slid them off to the side though so the Captain has full view of whatever monitors I put there, just like the EAS Apollo. 

There's a lot of detailing to go on the ceiling as well as light placements. They're a lot more complicated than I thought they'd be now that I've found a few references for what they did in the CnC. Now that I have the walls in place I think I'll get the consoles for the walls and the forward consoles done first before I finish up the ceiling. 

Built in Truespace 3.2
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A good work in progress.