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Astral Oath WIP CW Textures Complete

So the Clone Wars texturing for the Astral Oath is complete. She's just a bit dirty, but in good shape. :)

Kitbashed, textured and rendered in TrueSpace 3.2
Millennium Falcon version 2 by Iven Connery
Millennium Falcon version 3 by Andrew Crook
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Beautiful :)

Does it come in purple? ;)
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Very, VERY Cool!  AWESOME.  So fine it has that 'New Car Smell'.  LOL.  Seriously, Excellent!
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What are the structures leading forward of the mandibles? Axial guns or some kind of sensor?

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Ah! DA ate my comment!

I was originally trying to emulate the forward spikes off the first set plans and model plans they'd drawn up for the revised Falcon, but then ultimately never added to the ship. You can see them in RM's paintings.

Story-wise, they're sensor jamming technology developed late in the war to block droid scanners specifically. It won't keep you out of sight of a battleship's scanners, but the smaller droid fighters won't be able to target you directly. These were only installed on friendly freighter captain's who helped the Republic directly with supply runs or covert missions.

Later on, the ship's engineer will find new creative ways to implement them so they keep them attached to the ship.

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I have to say I am loving the textures and the clean lines of this YT-1300! Nice to see someone taking care of a ship instead of letting it look like it lost a demolition derby.
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Thank you! :) Yeah I don't care if a ship made the Kessel Run in record time, if it's going to fall apart when I sneeze on the crash couch, I am not going to be amused LOL

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Great job! She looks amazing.

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