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24th Century Starship Corridor - Non-Galaxy - WIP

So this isn't ready to import into DAZ yet for proper rendering/lighting with characters and all that, but on top of working on a ship model for someone, I thought I needed a different corridor set for my 24th century ships. Sure, ships built in the late 23rd and even early 24 can have the Refit corridor style, and while I like the re-use and re-tool for the Next Gen sets of the old corridor, that always felt Galaxy specific to me, especially when we see variations on other corridors on other ships and never really like the Enterprise in TNG. 

The inspiration is something a little more utilitarian while still keeping some of the things I liked in the Refit but not completely evoking the refit.

The corridor is the same size, 8 ft tall, same width and turn radius. I cut out a panel and made the middle bigger. The Red Alert piping is gone from the walls and is built up into the underside of the upper padding. This will be different colors for normal operations and flashing red for Red Alert. I brought in a few console ideas, nothing full blown into the whole wall like in TNG, but a few here or there. The other wall elements are variations from other Fed ships we saw in TNG, specifically the redress of the Klingon corridor from Star Trek VI into a ship's corridor that Geordi pilots a probe down in the later TNG seasons. I didn't put in any doorways or entrances yet (the turbolift wildwall at the end of the Radial corridor doesn't count), but it's coming along. 

There's also far fewer freaking labels all over everything than we saw in TNG and DS9 and Voyager, cause holy crap people. You CAN leave a wall blank for a change without sticking a label on it. 

Yes, I know I was toying with the Voyager/Sovereign hybrid corridors but the really low lighting is bugging me more than I thought it would. 

Built and Rendered in Truespace 3.2
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Such a delightful corridor!  Dang shame you work in DAZ, or else I'd try to buy it off you...