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24th Century Corridor - Saucer Corridor 2

Last render of these corridors for awhile, well unless there are characters walking their ship anyway.

I ended up completely restructuring the Primary Hull corridors and did it up as one big U shape with the wider 'lobby' in the middle connecting the two curved halves.  Looking down from above, Corridor 2 is the West corridor and this shot is looking back towards the lobby a little bit before the radial corridor junction at the halfway point. The plants down the corridor are the same ones from the Holodeck Lobby.  

The idea behind this corridor set is to have a unique 24th Century corridor on a Federation starship that isn't a Galaxy class and doesn't just re-use left over pieces of the TMP Refit corridors. That being said, I did end up using the flat part of the corridor in a similar fashion to the TMP refit corridor. Breaking that flat part up looked better than a few big plates. 

Built in Truespace 3.2
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with iRay
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