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23rd Century Forward Observation Lounge WIP 01

"They're saucer Deflectors!"
"They're windows!"
"They're sensors!"

Dammit, it's a Lounge and a damned big one. At 40 ft across by almost 60 ft deep, this nearly two deck lounge sits front and center on the 23rd Century Saucer section of the Challenger. A culmination of the Officer's Lounge from the Refit Enterprise, the Officer's Lounge from the Enterprise A, some inspiration from some of my favorite cruise ships, and a little bit of invention on my end and it's going to be the place to go hang out and chat and watch the stars for any of the crew.

This is obviously still very much WIP as everything shown here is place holder. I did pop in the MadMan Defiant mesh and get the measurements off the front end so that this more or less matches the front end and height of the model I'm using for Challenger. 

Key features:
A small bar
mood lighting
3 7ft by 7ft viewports into the void
lots of seating
some games
a small library with ACTUAL books
a downloadable library with a few spare PADDS for those who don't like old book smell (heathens)

I do need to finish the TOS bridge yet and the Phase II uniforms, but the muse wanted this fleshed out a bit before it would let me work on other things. 

Built in TrueSpace 3.2
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I'm in agreement.  Humans being humans would want to have their lounging place have the best views, where else can you get the best views than right on the bow of the ship. :D
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One of my favorite spots on the Holland America ships when we go cruising is their Crow's Nest lounge. It's usually in the top or near the top of the bow of their ships and is an all glass lounge looking out over the ship and ocean and it's stunning. 
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Yeah, that instinct for spectacular sights would continue into the future. :D

Well, gues what.  I put out a request for people to tell me what 'bad' episodes of Trek to watch, and they keep giving me all the ones I like! ;P
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There are always going to be 'bad' episodes that someone loves. 
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I've actually found it kinda healing in a way.  I like to figure out how stories work, I learn a lot more about analysing the episodes that don't work.  There's an early episode, 'The Alternative Factor', the concepts in it are pretty awesome, but there just some odd stuff, like there's this cut from Kirk saying he's going to question this crazy guy they've picked up, to the crazy guy yelling at Kirk.  There's me thinking, okay Kirk wouldn't take any of that, he'd have this guy in the brig before you could wiggle a tribble at him.  Then there's this whole thing where they let the crazy guy (Lazarus) walk around the ship freely.  An engineer girl in a blue uniform, she's kinda cool, but where's Scotty?  Why's engeering suddenly a different set?  Then there's a scene where Kirk and Spock are working something out, but they haven't actually seen enough to piece together all this information, so it comes across as force exposistion. Then all of a sudden the episode has a pretty cool ending.

As I'm watching it I sort of realise, remembering a little bit of what I've read about behind the scene.  The writer they got to write the episode thinks Lazarus is the hero of the story, but we know that Kirk, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise are the heroes of the story, and that's where these two incompatible points-of-view collide, it's not that the episode is necessarily 'bad', but it is kinda clumsy. ;P

Interestingly, I've noticed that personal taste is also a factor.  I found that two episodes I previously disliked, 'The Apple' and 'Catspaw', not as bad as I remember them to be. :shrug:
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Oh definitely. There are films and shows I loved in my teens that have me rolling my eyes now. Experience and life definitely change how you view things when you go back to them. Like Deep Space Nine. I appreciate it a LOT more now. Didn't much care for it when it was airing. 
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I have had similar experiences, it took me all through to Season 3 of Babylon 5 to get into it, ended with a cliffhanger, waited months for it to come back and was gutted with disappointment at Season 4... it was that slow build of awesome that led me to believe that Season 4 would kick off all guns blazing, you know I wanted this big Shadow War that had been promised for three years and... nothing happens for something like 5 episodes, and for context at this point I'm aware the show isn't getting a 5th Season and I'm like... come on JMS, lets get with the program... Anyways, later when Babylon 5 came on DVD I was able to watch each season in relatively one go, and Season 4 held up a lot better without having to wait a week for each episode, but it still kinda stings that sudden drop from mind-blowing cliff-hanger to nothing happening... J K Rowling did the same thing in Harry Potter.

The only shows that I can think of that have done a similar build up and actually paid it off, I think Smallville and Grimm, which I've been recently re-watching and highly recommend. :D

But yeah, I love some cheese... cuz cheese is good! :D
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