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23rd Century Forward Observation Lounge WIP 01
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"They're saucer Deflectors!"
"They're windows!"
"They're sensors!"

Dammit, it's a Lounge and a damned big one. At 40 ft across by almost 60 ft deep, this nearly two deck lounge sits front and center on the 23rd Century Saucer section of the Challenger. A culmination of the Officer's Lounge from the Refit Enterprise, the Officer's Lounge from the Enterprise A, some inspiration from some of my favorite cruise ships, and a little bit of invention on my end and it's going to be the place to go hang out and chat and watch the stars for any of the crew.

This is obviously still very much WIP as everything shown here is place holder. I did pop in the MadMan Defiant mesh and get the measurements off the front end so that this more or less matches the front end and height of the model I'm using for Challenger. 

Key features:
A small bar
mood lighting
3 7ft by 7ft viewports into the void
lots of seating
some games
a small library with ACTUAL books
a downloadable library with a few spare PADDS for those who don't like old book smell (heathens)

I do need to finish the TOS bridge yet and the Phase II uniforms, but the muse wanted this fleshed out a bit before it would let me work on other things. 

Built in TrueSpace 3.2
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I'm in agreement.  Humans being humans would want to have their lounging place have the best views, where else can you get the best views than right on the bow of the ship. :D
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ashleytinger|Hobbyist Digital Artist
One of my favorite spots on the Holland America ships when we go cruising is their Crow's Nest lounge. It's usually in the top or near the top of the bow of their ships and is an all glass lounge looking out over the ship and ocean and it's stunning. 
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Yeah, that instinct for spectacular sights would continue into the future. :D

Well, gues what.  I put out a request for people to tell me what 'bad' episodes of Trek to watch, and they keep giving me all the ones I like! ;P
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ashleytinger|Hobbyist Digital Artist

There are always going to be 'bad' episodes that someone loves. 
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