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 Valentines Day - free hearts iconHey Everyone!Valentines Day - free hearts icon 

I felt like doing some doodles, so I'll open up five spots for crack ship babies! Gonna doodle some busts and as most of these thingies go, first come first serve!

Here's the lucky mommy Im'ma use today lol:

Olivia by AshleyLeDork

The Rules are Simple:

  • Link me to the oc you'd like to see fused with mine to get a baby, gender doesn't matter! 
  • Give me a small description of what personality their offspring may have!
  • Your ocs must have a drawn reference that I can look at. 
  • If you do get a slot, you have to do this too! You can feel free to copy and paste this~!

  1. :iconuniverse-ocean-blue:
  2. :icondalyladolly:
  3. :iconinkedjinx:
  4. :icontimesupize:
  5. :iconfionna158:

Disclaimer- The crack ships made are exactly what they are, crack ships, in no way are they canon :3 💙 Please don't rush me

This journal will be edited in order of who comes first and the slots will go in order. 
 bi heart Let's go~!

Finished Crack Babies:

Olivia's Crack Kids Tag Thing. by AshleyLeDork

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January 17


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