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The Stable Boy
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Published: December 15, 2017
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Name: Owen White
Nicknames: Blue, ShitHead (By Nagisa), Man killer, The Devil himself (By Igria), Meanie (By Irsaa)
Age: 19 years old
Date of birth: 14 December
Gender: Male
Species: Emotion Eater.

Sexual Preference: Pansexual. (Though rumour has it his after men more)
Relationship Status: Single as a Pringle and always wants to mingle.
Crushes/Partner: None.
Virginity: Shh-- that's a secret.
Height: 6'3

Abilities: Uses special pheromones to attract their victims, manipulates their victims emotions, Decent with swords, great with animals is actually good at cooking and lying.
Weakness: shy people (Finds them too cute not to tease), animals, His temper and ego.
Tattoo's: Has a tramp stamp which he rather not talk bout--
Piercings: Two on his left ear lobe, Three on his right ear, two on his right eyebrow and three on his bottom lip.
Scars: a Few unnoticeable ones here and there and a large gash on his back from a past event.
Most Noticeable Feature: His eyes~
Residence: Lives in the Emotion Eaters kingdom.

Current Job/studying: A stable boy at the Royal stables.
Swears: Yes.
Face claim: Tbh.
Language: English.

Personality: Curious, Mischievous, Perverted, Outgoing, Childish, Trustworthy, Playful, Generous, Short-tempered, Possessive.

Likes: Reading, Horseback riding, Sneaking out the kingdom, Chatting with Igria, Annoying Nagisa, Nighttime, Sitting in trees, Facing dangerous things head on.

Dislikes: Salty snacks, When something doesn't go his way, Seeing Igria upset, Poop duty, Nagisa's challenges.

Family Relations:

Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Older brother: Hasn't seen him in 8 years.

Friend Relations:

Princess Igria- Has alot of respect for her and admires her determination to be the best Queen but that doesn't stop him from teasing and annoying the young princess.
Nagisa- Things they could be good friends if it wasn't for Nagisa hating his guts just because of how much time he has spend with Igria in the past.
Irsaa- Likes to read to her seeing she's the one who's able to sneak him into the royal library without him having to get thrown out by the guards.
Prince Naz ( Kikiyuki ): Got off on the wrong foot... Didn't exchange words but he knows he's probably on the Prince's bad side because of a little misunderstanding.

Pets: None

Anything else/Extra:

- Owen had his future planned out since birth, his father was a stable man which ended up with him working at the stables ever since he was younger while his brother was recruited to be a guard at the time.
- He has a big ego and isn't ashamed to admit it, but he does have a hard time when someone steps all over his ego and succeeds without even trying hard.
- Was always the type to get himself in dangerous situations but instead of running he continues to play with fire even though he knows it might cost him his life one day.
- Isn't a big believer of the whole faith thing and the whole how people were ment to be for one another but likes the idea of it being true.
- Even tho he can be a ass sometimes he's actually a really fun dude to be around and is the type to freeload at your place as much as possible
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TimesUpize|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice XD
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dalyladolly|Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks cool!!
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Oooh~ he's cool ^_^
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you're welcome ^_^
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Pepperistia|Hobbyist Filmographer
Thischild, this beautiful child, is the poor unfortunate soul who has spurned Naz's hatred
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This child does not regret a thing xD but probably will be the last thing he also says infront of Naz...
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