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Prince Ignatius

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Published: May 14, 2018
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Well look what we have here-- a secret brother!? //Gasp
Took me long enough to fjnallf post his butt xD
Name: Ignatius Drerzhaan.
Nicknames: Pretty Boy (By the stable workers), My dear (By his mother).
Age: 22 years old.
Date of birth: May 13th.
Gender: Male.
Species: Emotion Eater.

Sexual Preference: Pansexual / Polyamorous.
Relationship Status: Single Pringle doing all the mingling (Reserved)
Crushes/Partner: Too many crushes to count.
Virginity: hahaha... Maybe.
Height: 6'9

Abilities: Good under pressure, Flexible, Good at Dancing, Uses special pheromones to attract their victims, manipulates their victims emotions and more.
Weakness: Cute things, Not feeding off of Victims regularly, Peppers (Allergic), Being spoiled, Cold wheaters (easily gets sick).
Tattoo's: None, But does have royal markings on her shoulders and face.
Piercings: Ears and Tongue piercings.
Scars: Three on his chest from an accident when he was 5 years old.
Most Noticeable Feature: Facial features.
Residence: The royal palace in the Emotional Kingdom.

Current Job/studying: Yet to be crowned king.
Swears: Yes.
Face claim: TBH
Language: Mainly English but knows some Korean and Japanese too.

Personality: Friendly, Bubbly, Loyal, Flirty, Possessive, Loving and caring, Mischievous, Outgoing, Can be a bit Childish, Go-getter and Clingy.

Likes: Watching The sun set, Skinny-dipping​, Dancing, Trying new things, playing the piano, Causing trouble, Watching romantic movies, being the center of attention, Meeting new people.

Dislikes: Having to wake up early, Wearing long sleeves, Wearing crowns, Being pressured into being more responsible, Long Boring Hours.

Family Relations:

Mother: Queen, Rosina Drerzhaan.
Father: King, Hikaol Drerzhaan.
Younger Sister: Princess, Igriana Drerzhaan.
Second younger sister: Princess, Irsaa Drerzhaan.
Cousin: Nagisa Drerzhaan.
Second cousin: Akihiko Suzuki.

Friend Relations:
//Have yet to be added

Pets: None.

Anything else/Extra:

- Was attacked and almost killed on his fifth birthday and has been locked up for protection until today where he can finally be free and one day rule his kingdom.
- He likes visiting Exotic and new locations since his been locked up from a very young age and couldn't experience a whole lot of the outside world.
- Ignatius feeds off of Both Positive and Negative emotions unlike most emotion eaters.
- He's only serious when he needs to be otherwise he's more carefree and cheerful... And probably causing some trouble somewhere.
- Ignatius is known to attract alot of attention for his love of bright colours and not so royal attire and for his love of eye makeup.
- Since he's a very positive person he doesn't have much he dislikes or have things he gets upset about easily.
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Connor felt nervous when he came to the castle, trembling slightly. The kingdom seemed welcoming but he felt like a lone soldier walking on enemy grounds during battle. But this was for the better good so the weed servant swallowed hard and straighten his back before taking those last steps to who he believed to be the current ruler. "Your majesty," he says, bowing and extending out his hand with Adelle's letter. "I come to you on behalf of Queen Adelle. Please accept this letter from her majesty as we come with only good intentions."

Adelle's Treaty Letter by AlwaysForeverHailey
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Omgoshhh I love the colourss and his markings. ovo He's such a handsome fellowww! X3 
Crazy about him being attacked though, holy cow. D8>
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Thank you!!!
And yes, it's a tragedy but at the end all worked out~
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Yer welcomeeee! :heart:
And that's the important part. 83
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Yes he is xD and he's ready to make all the friends!
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He's very handsome XD
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Yup! XD runs in the family. Especially on his dad's side
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Cool cool, he looks really good btw XP
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I like his look. Very nice! ^^
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Thank you very much! U w U
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You're welcome. >u<
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