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Published: January 7, 2019
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Hey look a ancient oc who's ACTUALLY single xD
Name: Olivia Lights.
Nicknames: Olive (By her friends and Brother).
Age: 26 years old.
Date of birth: 2th January.
Gender: Female.
Species: Neon Alien.

Sexual Preference: Bisexual.
Relationship Status: Single Pringle who's ready to mingle.
Crushes/Partner: None.
Virginity: ... Who knows?
Height: 5'6

Abilities: Has good memory, Drawing (on walls that is), A walking night light, Good with animals and Is a quick learner.
Weakness: Animals (She's an animal lover), Cooking (Can't cook for shit), Cold (Gets sick easily) and Good food (She loves food).
Tattoo's: None.
Piercings: Three on left ear an four on right ear.
Scars: None.
Most Noticeable Feature: Hair/Eyes
Residence: Rather Large house in the middle of Neo New-York.

Current Job/studying: Unemployed at the moment.
Swears: Occasionally yes.
Face claim: Jourdan Dunn.
Language: English.

Personality: Adventures, Friendly, Somewhat on the shy side, clumsy, Carefree most of the time, Caring, Playful and Hyper.

Likes: Bright colours, Helping people, Doing Street Art, Sour Candy, Staying up late, Nightime, Binge watching while snuggled up in a blanket and Hanging with her pals.

Dislikes: Dealing with Jerks, How she often stands out like a bright light at night, Boredom, Closed minded people, Arguing with her parents, Places that are too quiet and Admitting she was wrong.

Family Relations:

Father, Elroy Lights, 49 years old, Alive and lives in town.
Mother, Adsila Lights, 47 years old, Alive and lives in town.
Younger Brother, Roshan Lights, 22 years old, Alive and lives in town.

Friend Relations:

Gwen~ Best friend, Known her since highschool. She loves the succubi dearly and would do anything for her.

Hope~ Met her through Gwen and immediately clicked with the girl who wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

Laim~ Online besty, met his cute colourful ass online and has never seen him in person but hopes she does one day.

Maddie~ Sweet girl, Met her while she went on a business family lunch to meet her Dad's new business partner and his family.

Roi~ Childhood friend, met him thinking he was a cute puppy... Only to find out that puppy turned into a naked human boy that basically describes how it started for them.

Pets: None, she's not responsible enough for a living and breathing thing.

Anything else/Extra:

- Olive comes from a decent and wealthy family, she tries to make it without their help financially and only goes to them when she really needs help.
- Despite coming from a good home she's been sheltered most of the time, locked up at home when she wasn't at schooled and taking away some if not all of her outside of school experiences.
- She moved out of her parents house the moment she could which at first started off rather rocky due to being sheltered but thanks to a few friends it all worked out for her in the end.
- She doesn't have a stable job or income but due to her Street art/artistic skills she often gets a few bucks buy painting an add or two for small businesses or even portraits and things for people.
- Basically in a way lives a double life, she's always prim and proper, wearing her most proper clothes around her parents acting more like the daughter they want her to be but turns into her regular self being her regular not so stiff self when she's not around them.
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Llyxom|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bdjdbfifbfjfnfj hey hey her and Candice should meet some time ouo
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Lmao-- if Candice can get along with her then sure xD they can tots meet xD
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Llyxom|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Lol, they can tots be friends~ Olivia is always up for making new buds! 
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Ask-the-Witch|Student Digital Artist
the gray skin makes her eyes stand out rlly well! :0 <3
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Thank you! XD it does doesn't it?
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TimesUpize|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's really cute XD
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Thank you~ xD
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