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Published: February 23, 2019
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Just one of those revamps that took me months to finish xD
But yes here she is my tall baby gal in all her glory--
Names: Morgan Amour.
Nicknames: Morgie (By her siblings/Friends), Princess (By her dad), Miss M (By her Co-workers).
Age: 24 years old.
Date of birth: 14 February.
Gender: Female.
Species: Love Demon.

Sexual Preference: Pansexual.
Relationship Status: Single (Reserved?)
Crushes/Partner: ???
Virginity: Lol. nope.
Height: 5'8

Abilities: Baking, Quite the runner, Creative, Quick thinker, Makes people fall in love, turns enemies into friends, basically a whole bunch of Cupid powers.
Weakness: Talented men, Cute animals, smiple jewelry and flowers (She a simple gal lol), cats (allergic).
Tattoo's: None.
Piercings: Simple stud earrings.
Scars: None.
Most Noticeable Feature: Tail? Cheek Markings?
Residence: Living in her own big pink Penthouse.

Current Job/studying: Currently one of the designers at her dad's fashion company.
Swears: Now and again.
Face claim: --
Language: English and French.

Personality: ​Clumsy, flirty without noticing, Girly, Kind, Faithful, Happy, Playful, Loving, Energetic and is a Big hopeless romantic. 

Likes: Listening to music, sketching dress design's, Romance, Anything love related in general, Hot chocolate, Cute Dates, White roses and kids. 

Dislikes: When she trips over her own two feet, Bee's, Being disliked, People thinking she's spoiled because she's rich, The Cold, The Rain, Big Dogs.

Family Relations:

-Father, Sipuzihr Amour, Age unknown, looks around 42. 
-Older Brother, Matthew Amour, Age 26.
-Older Brother, Milo Amour, Age 26.
-Younger Sister, Mona Amour, Age 20.
-Young Niece, Flora Amour, 6 years old.

Friend Relations:

Maddie~ Childhood friend, These two grew up next to eachother and their fathers happen to be childhood friends as well. 

Becky~ Her Neighbour, lives just across from them, loves sitting down with her and having a chat or Just going with her to her studio and listening to her singing. 

Ricky: Her dress dummy, Ricky is the perfect slander model she needs when designing dresses for those tall thin ladies like herself.

Bruno: Met him through Becky, at first she wasn't a fan of him but once she got to know him... He also became her dress dummy and often second opinions on lingerie.

Pets: Has a Mini Lop Rabbit, Her name is strawberry.

Anything else/Extra:

-She always dreamt about becoming a model but since she's too nervous and why she settled with the next best thing and now works for her father's fashion company.
-The fashion company was originally her mom's before she passed away but her father took it over for the day when Morgan's old enough or ready enough to take it over.
-Morgan has always been a girl girl, she loves all things pink and cute and always goes for the more girly choices when it comes to clothes.
-She adores kids and constantly steals her niece from the nanny or her brother when their not looking just so she can spend time with little Flora.
-A bit self-conscious about her length and figure, she's more on the lean side along with her brother Matthew and they get that from their father since their mother was a young gorgeous curvey woman who leaned more to the short side.
-When she's not working our out with friends she's at home reading a good book all snuggled up with Strawberry on her couch or bed.
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Baby Morgan always look pretty to me, don't matter if it's a revamp or not! <33
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Awe, thank you Rea~ your too sweet <33
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TimesUpizeHobbyist Digital Artist
She's looking good ^^
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Universe-Ocean-BlueHobbyist General Artist
She looks pretty I love her story! :love:
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Universe-Ocean-BlueHobbyist General Artist
no problem! :huggle:
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InkedJinxStudent Artist
she gotta make her bf nose bleed ;333
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xDD poor boi, hope he doesn't lose too much blood.
And thank you! XD I like how she came out~ I need more tall slender bebs
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InkedJinxStudent Artist
i have all the info on her , helps me ;3 
and also loving the outfits~ <3
AshleyLeDork's avatar
It does doesn't it xD more info bout the sweet gal~
Lmao-- yes you got the girlfriend casual and the cute boss who will kill you with kindness xD
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dalyladollyHobbyist Digital Artist
She looks better than ever
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