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Madeline Revamp
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Published: February 9, 2018
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Name: Madeline Meg Mintos 
Nicknames: Maddie (By everyone), My little Princess (By her dad)
Age: 20 years old.
Date of birth: 13 May.
Gender: Female.
Species: Chocolate Mint cake humanoid.

Sexual Preference: Pansexual.
Relationship Status: Single and slightly crushing. (Reserved for DatOneCCArtist )
Crushes/Partner: A really cute and punk looking Banana with a motorbike.
Virginity: Still has it lol.
Height: 5'6 (5'8 with wedges)

Abilities: Amazing at baking, Good at Cooking, Flexible, Dancing Ballet, Solving conflict amongst her siblings, Great with kids.
Weakness: Small cute things, Peanuts (Allergic), Small animals, Men with tattoos/piercings, Her obliviousness, Working under pressure.
Tattoo's:None buts tempted to get one.
Piercings: Has three piercings on both ears but normal just wears her hoop earrings.
Scars: Other then her stretch marks on her stomach and sides not really.
Most Noticeable Feature: Dem Freckles~
Residence: In a big rental home in Neo-New York.

Current Job/studying: College senior, studying business management.
Swears: Nope rarely swears.
Face claim: Keke Palmer
Language: English and some French

Personality: Friendly and sweet, Always in a happy mood, Giggly, Childish, Flirty without realising it, Confident, Big heated. Generous, Self-conscious about her stretch marks and Is loving.

Likes: Listening to music, Banana Or Chocolate milkshake, Shopping, Kids, Baking, Walking around town around sun set, hanging out with friends, watching movies curled up in blankets and spending time with her family or rabbit, Romantic gestures.

Dislikes: Apples, Fish, bubblegum, video games, when people insult her friends or family members, big dogs, mud, wet grass, Insects, Not being on time, Winter, Seeing her loved ones upset.

Family Relations:

Marlenne and Joshua Mintos, Mother and father, Alive
Josh and Miky Mintos, Oldest brothers, Alive
Ricky Mintos, Second oldest brother, Alive
Jackson Mintos, Youngest Brother, Alive
Mack Mintos, Second youngest brother, Alive

Friend Relations:

Becky: Close friend, Tend to go shopping together and gossiping when Becky isn't too busy being a big popstar.
Morgan: Childhood friend, These two grew up next to eachother and their fathers happen to be childhood friends as well.
Jackie: Close friend, Met eachother at Maddie's first concert Josh took her to, they kept in contact ever since.
Vivian: Friend, Met her at her father's company while looking for Mikey, the two talked and tend to grab a cup of coffee together whenever she goes to the company.

Pets: a pet rabbit, Male, 2 years old, BunBun.

Anything else/Extra:

# She is your typical daddy's girl, just says she wants something and she has it, want a private island? Boom there you have it.
# She isn't interested in her father's company and hopes her eldest brother takes the position after her dad
# She loves baking in her free time, she even bakes for occasions like birthdays and weddings, she just believes it's a natural born talent she's had since she was young.
# When she was in highschool Home economics and Gym was her favourite subjects.
# She thinks the perfect date would be doing something outside or going on a short trip somewhere together and spending a lovely night with her date.
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lonesome-wolf-child|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Omgosh she shares mah birfday. ovo Haha

Omgosh though, what a gorgeous babe! X3 I LOVE her outfits! She totally rocks them both. 83 She sounds like such a precious and fun oc! 83
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She is Honestly~ She's my presh beb who's too sweet for this world xD
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Hanppy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
//softly, but with lots of feelings
Holy shit........
I love her so much aaaAAahHHHH I'M LIVING FOR THESE MINTOS SPAM!!!!!! Ugh I can't and will never get over how pretty her revamp is

Also her FC is Keke Palmer WOW ASHLYNN
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Shit isn't holy last time I checked xD
And she loves you my dear xD Just two more Mintos then the spam is over sadly-- But Hopefully Bakers will then be next!

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Hanppy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Any spam is good spam as long as it's yours V//u//V
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Asdfghjkl-- stahp~~
..... No I wanted to figure it out on my own xD but I clearly failed //sobs
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TimesUpize|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's very pretty XD
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