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Mack Revamp
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Published: February 11, 2018
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Name: Mack Mintos
Nicknames: My little prince (By his mom), Sweet cakes (By Koi)
Age: 17 
Date of birth: 1 April
Gender: Male 
Species: Chocolate mint cake humanoid

Sexual Preference: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single (Reserved)
Crushes/Partner: None 
Virginity: Still has it 
Height: 5'8

Abilities: Flexible, Great at baking, master on the piano and quite good at drawing for Someone who has never taken classes.
Weakness: Guys, Chocolate, Anime, Fictional guy characters, Spiders (Fears them) and Sports he sucks at them.
Tattoo's: Yes a small hidden one he rather not talk about...
Piercings: Just his ears.
Scars: a few unnoticeable ones.
Most Noticeable Feature: His Freckles?
Residence: College dorms with two roommates... In Neo-New York!!

Current Job/studying: Music Major.
Swears: Yes in every freaking sentence. 
Face Claim: Tyrone Smithers.
Language: English and German.

Personality: A total spoiled bratty Bitch, But once you get to know him you'll find out his actual a sweetheart, loving, caring, really energetic and crazy, a freaking hopeless romantic like all his siblings and just your plain old average teenage boy who loves the rainbow.

Likes: Conventions, Spending time with his sister, Rainbows, Glittery things, singing and dancing, Melanie Martinez, Having a rich dad, cute animals, spending time with his friends, going to the beach and anything sweet and edible, Making videos and being famous online.

Dislikes: Being single, All his beauty marks and those random freckles here and there, seeing his siblings argue, Jackson thinking his better then him and being the youngest. 

Family Relations:

Marlenne and Joshua Mintos, Mother and father, Alive.
Josh Mintos and Mikey Mintos, Older Brothers, Alive.
Ricky Mintos, Older Brother, Alive.
Maddie Mintos, Older and ONLY Sister, Alive.
Jackson Mintos, Older brother, Alive.

Friend Relations:

Brandy: Close friend and family friend, known her forever.
Brandon: Met him in Kindergarten, Enjoys doing sing covers with him, spends almost everyday with him.
Alex: Met Her through Brandon, She has a amazing voice and is great on bass.
Koi: His older brothers friend, Low key has a crush on him even though he knows Koi sees him as a younger brother. Often gets lifts from him and grabs a bite with him.
Connor: Someone he prefers to stay away from but can't since they seem to be everywhere... Especially where Jackson is so kinda hard to avoid.

Pets: Has a pet African Grey named Coconut.

Anything else/Extra:

# Gets really weak when you complement him. Will get all blushy and clingy and probably look like a drunk anime school girl.
# Enjoys doing other people's nails but hates doing his own and rather have a professional do it.
# Likes to stand from the rest of his siblings which is why his hair is dyed a new colour almost every month.
# Has ben into singing and playing piano since he was three years old and his mother has all the baby photos to prove it.
# Isn't afraid to slap a bitch, boy has his dads short temper and won't hesitate to snatch some weave if you rub him the wrong way.
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Hanppy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes finally my QUEEN x3 You always make the coolest fucking OCs this is why I keep being whipped for you--
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Yes xD Mack's ass is here ready to step into the relationship all "Binch love me too~"
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Hanppy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
And they will love him too >v< His ass can calm down lol
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His ass will calm down xD once realization kicks in
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TimesUpize|Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's cool ^^
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