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Published: December 28, 2018
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What's this?? Another revamp and my ass is trying new posses?? Wow!
Name: Leonardo Martinez
Nicknames: Leo (By friends and Family)
Age: 50+ (Looks like he's in his early to mid 20's)
Date of birth: 12 June
Gender: Male
Species: Cotton Candy/Vampire Hybrid

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single but crushing
Crushes/Partner: Crushing on Andariel (TimesUpize)
Virginity: Lost it years ago
Height: 6'7

Abilities: Floating/Flying, Can see clearly in the dark, Quick thinker, Decent cooker, Physically strong, High alcohol tolerance and he's musically talented.
Weakness: Sun (Burns easily), Garlic (Gets sick to his stomach), His loud mouth (Often gets him in trouble), Women (He's a weak man when it comes to the ladies).
Tattoo's: One one his forearm and another on his back.
Piercings: Bottom lip snake bites, Has one on his tongue and 10mm gauge earrings.
Scars: Few unnoticeable ones here and there.
Most Noticeable Feature: His hair?
Residence: Decent sized cabin in the woods near a park.

Current Job/studying: Performs in a Nightclub every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Swears: Often, Yes.
Face claim: Ryan Potter.
Language: English

Personality: Friendly, Little on the Lazy side, Can be very stubborn at times, Outgoing, Optimistic, Can be a bit of a loud mouth and Party animal, Has a romantic side to him, Can get flirtatious and Is a big softy.

Likes: Singing, Playing guitar, Nature, Walking around and exploring new places, Meeting new faces, Sweet things, Nice cold beer, Sleeping in late and Going out to parties.

Dislikes: Extremely Sunny/Hot days, Talking about his family, Adulting, Dealing with the occasional racoon in his house and Cleaning

Family Relations:

Doesn't know much about his dad or if he's even alive.
Knows his mother and sister's whereabouts but don't get along or keep in contact with eachother.

Friend Relations:

Ronald - A childhood friend, Considers him a brother and still hangs out with him often.
Logan - Best Friend, Connected over the love for Nature and Music, also tried getting the same gig which almost ruined their friendship.
Cyan - Friend/Hairdresser, Does his hair often when it needs a trim seeing Leo clearly doesn't car much about his hair.
Misty - Ex / Friend, Use to date, didn't last long mostly because it was more of a just cool with being friends... Who occasionally did things that friend's wouldn't do.

Pets: Does the occasional unwanted raccoons stealing his food count?

Anything else/Extra:

- Been living on his own since he was 16 in a old little cabin he found and fixed himself, He just couldn't deal with his mother and sister's harassment anymore so he left.
- He wouldn't throw a punch or start a fight but won't stand back if you start one with him, won't hesitate to start one either when you mess with his friends or Partner.
- Found his love for music when he was rather young and in need of comfort when times were rough, now his an amateur artist who loves to play for others when he can.
- When he's not out having fun with his friends or working he'd be at home, probably in nothing but sweatpants strumming his guitar and drinking his concoction of blood and whiskey or just straight up blood.
- Due to being half vampire he's need for blood isn't all that strong, but he still refuses to drink from humanoids, so he turns to animal blood when he needs it, blood is blood after all. However he'll admit he's been curious what it would be like to taste, his partner's blood if he had one.
- Has a sweet smell to him due to his cotton candy side, as well as his blood being a bit more sweet tasting, along with his lips having the same sweet taste to them.
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TimesUpizeHobbyist Digital Artist
DAMN, He looks fantastic XD

Andariel can't wait to devour this handsome hunk of meat ^^
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Thank you xDD
And he can't wait to spoil her as much as he can with his empty wallet and loads of affection~
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TimesUpizeHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehehehe, what a sweetheart XD

Andariel's gonna love him to death ^^
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Big dorky sweetheart xD
Like wise~ he gonna love his lady for as long as their alive.
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TimesUpizeHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, they're too cute together XD
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