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Published: March 2, 2019
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Again somerhsom I drew months ago but took forever to post xD but here he finally is! Lol with me trying different poses bet if I had to draw a dude again in a different poses I won't know how tbh xD
Name: Laim Chen.
Nicknames: Rainbow (By his Co-workers) Lime (By a few customers).
Age: 26 years old.
Date of birth: 24 February.
Gender: Male.
Species: Pastel Demon.

Sexual Preference: Pansexual.
Relationship Status: Single Pringle (Reserved so can't mingle).
Crushes/Partner: Too many online social media stars to list.
Virginity: Take a guess~
Height: 5'8 usually | 5'11 with his platform shoes.

Abilities: Decent cook, Has a knack in make-up art and Quick on his feet.
Weakness: Bugs (Especially spiders, big arachnophobic), How he easily gets distracted, Bananas (Can't eat then, allergic).
Tattoo's: "Taste the rainbow" written in his own handwriting and tattooed under his navel.
Piercings: Has five piercings on each ear (But doesn't always wear them all) and He has a bellybutton piercing.
Scars: None.
Most Noticeable Feature: His hair?
Residence: Cute little house next to the apartments he rents out.

Current Job/studying: One of the bartender's at REDish.
Swears: Often yes.
Face claim: Wang Rui Chang.
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese and a bit of Korean.

Personality: Laid back, friendly, Has this "Lazy Sunday all week" vibe about him, Talkative or he can be a grumpy ass who just wants to do nothing, Personality is pretty much like his clothes... Colourful.

Likes: Animals, Stuffed toys, Colourful and Cute things, All over the place crazy and unique Decora Fashion, Standing out, Lazy days, Strangers asking him for photos and spending some time with his babies (his pets in other words).

Dislikes: Rain. Wearing completely monochrome colours (Boi always wants to feel colourful and pretty), Sour Candies (More of a sweet tooth), Spicy foods, Raw meat (he's more of a well done kinda guy).

Family Relations:

Mother, Jihee Chen, Deceased, Died from Lung Cancer.
Father, Giichi Chen, Deceased, Died in a plane crash a few years ago.
Little sister, Aimi Chen, Alive, 22 years old, lives in town.

Friend Relations:

Olivia~ Online besty, saw her aesthetically pleasing profile online and immediately reached out to the gal, immediately clicking in the progress.

Roi~ Been friends for years, use to be a fling when they met during highschool now their just casual buds and neighbors since they live two houses apart.

Ace~ His go-to when he needs some cute colourful clothes that stand out, a man after his own heart with his freaky fashion, often hangs out and chat over a nice cup of coffee.

Matthew~ Childhood heart, knew this amour since they wore diapers, saw Matthew throw the good and the bad and watched as his friend grew into the sweetheart he is today.

Ricky~ Met Ricky online, or so to say stalked Ricky online because the guys tips and tricks for hair was a life saver. One day Ricky reached out to him and here they are, more so eachothers Pan online bud that go grab a coffee now and again otherwise they chat via social media.

Christian~His Boss, Sees the older man as the friendly caring type towards all his customers and employees, but also sees him as such a daddy who he wouldn't mind getting tapped by but the one eyed employer is not his type so thank u, next.

Chantelle~ Co-Worker, Boi does this girl got a mouth on her, she's not afraid to put you in your place and he LOVES her, she's such a Queen and he lives for her entire flower vibe.

Benjamin~ Co-worker, One of his co-workers at REDish and the online website called "The Hot Mess" so they have alot to chat about when they work the bar, not to mention he adores their taste in drinks. He could learn a thing or two from them.

- Grey Scottish Fold Cat, Whisky (4 years old)
- Black Chow Chow Puppy, Midnight (11 months)
- Creamy Chow Chow Puppy, Sunshine (11 months)
- Rosy-faced lovebird, Rex (2 years old)

Anything else/Extra:

- Laim has been obsessed with crazy and unique styles from a young age, bright colours just catched his eye along with cute things.
- Laim was always that weird kid who loved to go to the doctor's and get injections and being praised for being good, mostly because his mom was a nurse, now today he still is that guy who actually enjoys a trip to the hospital.
- Is a camboy, so yes he does the nasty with himself infont of a camera. His life style ain't cheap, he gotta work to pay for that colourful clothes and cute makeup pallets.
- has two houses on his families name which he now rents out to his friends, Roi, Gwen and Hope. Roi lives on his own and the two girls share which is something extra cash each month with the Camboy cash as well as that he makes at the bar.
- He loves animals, when he's not taking care of his own his out with this little group who gets animals on the streets and give them a little TLC before finding them a new home, often checking back to make sure the Animals getting the love it deserves.
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Ask-the-Witch|Student Digital Artist
I love the colors and the accesories!! <3
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Lmaooo-- thank you xD
He's a colourful boi and he's fluffy~ or his hair is xD
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TimesUpize|Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's pretty cool XD
Reply  ·  
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Thank you xD he's a Colourful one that's for sure xD
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TimesUpize|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed she is ^^
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why all your babies reserved!!!???
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LMAO-- BECAUSE THERE'S A LITTLE DEMON STEALING THEM ALL XDD But soon, soon I will be posting some single girls.
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Universe-Ocean-Blue|Hobbyist General Artist
he looks very fabulous I love his bio! :love:
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Thank you!!
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Universe-Ocean-Blue|Hobbyist General Artist
you are welcome! :hug:
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Hanppy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heart Eyes (Like, Love, Admire) 
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Oh my god yes xD
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