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Joshua Revamp

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Published: February 6, 2018
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Not dead..... Yet xD
Just taking forever to actually get shit done these days and keeping myself motivated!

Name: Joshua Junior Mintos.
Nicknames: Josh (By his siblings and friend), Junior (By his Father), Joshie (By his Mother and sister)
Age: 26 years old.
Date of birth: 22 December.
Gender: Male.
Species: Chocolate Mint cake humanoid.

Sexual Preference: Bisexual.
Relationship Status: Single and always mingling. (Reserved for DatOneCCArtist )
Crushes/Partner: None.
Virginity: Nope--
Height: 7'1

Abilities: Fast Learner, Works Great under pressure, Good communication skills, Surprisingly good at cooking and cleaning.
Weakness: Cats, Kids, Woman, Cold weather (Easily gets sick), Peanuts (Allergic).
Tattoo's: Snake on his right upper arm, 'Josh' in Japanese on his right hands knuckles, Scorpion on his behind, A secret tattoo on his stomach, a Red rose on his left shoulder, Devil emoji on his left ankle.
Piercings: Eyebrow, Both ears and bottom lip piercing.
Scars: None.
Most Noticeable Feature: Hair? Freckles?
Residence: In a large penthouses in Neo New York.

Current Job/studying: Executive Director at Verti Enterprises. (Owned by his father)
Swears: Constantly yes.
Face claim: Luke Broadlick
Language: Mainly English, Knows French and some German.

Personality: Short-tempered, Stubborn, Cold, Rude and Snappy when you first meet him, Can actually be really Kind, Funny, Romantic, Sensual, Bit of a Workaholic ans Somewhat a neat freak. 

Likes: Wine, Smoking, Showing off, One night stands, Caramel Tea, Going to his family's private island, business trips to exotic locations, Sitting home enjoy his cats company, Being a total asshat.

Dislikes: Coffee, Dogs, Being told what he can and can't do, People messing with his family's name, Ricky's laziness, Dirty work spaces, Cramped rooms, Hear waves.

Family Relations:

Marlenne and Joshua Mintos, Mother and father, Alive.
Miky Mintos, Twin brother, Alive.
Ricky Mintos, Younger brother, Alive.
Maddie Mintos, Younger and ONLY Sister, Alive.
Jackson Mintos, Younger Brother, Alive.
Mack Mintos, youngest brother, Alive.

Friend Relations:
Koi: Knows Koi since they were little, was the only one who stuck with him through thick and thin, Josh wasn't a fan at him at first but boy does he grow on you.
.... Yeah dude doesn't have many friends ...

Pets: Caramel the most beautiful and expensive binch (cat).

Anything else/Extra:

# Believe it or not he use to be a total sweetheart when he was in highschool.
# Because a total asshole after he got his heart broken by his first love on their wedding day.
# Despite hating everyting, he really adores kids and cats and is totally a different person around them.
# Doesn't open up to anyone unless he knows he can actually trust them.
# Is very possessive over things Especially if he wants them and he knows he can't get them.
# Enjoys long walks along the beach or sitting at home sunbathing on his balcony.
# Very overprotective of his younger sister and his twin brother Mikey since they are the cinnamon rolls of the family.
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HanppyHobbyist Digital Artist
It's so exciting to see him again after a while!!! I know I've said this before but this revamp is awesome and I'm so freaking proud of you darling HNNGGHH
AshleyLeDork's avatar
Lol he tries~~
And so do I XDD
Still glad you like it lol Hopefully I'll draw more of his butt when I get everything done and don't feel like I'm dying!
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HanppyHobbyist Digital Artist
Relax, girl, inspiration will do its thing all in due time VuV I can finally draw more of those trashbags in the future lol
AshleyLeDork's avatar
Lol I know Andi have a bit of motivation but at the same time feel sick as hell xD Yuuuuuuuus all the love for the trashbags~