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Published: February 11, 2018
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Name: Jackson Mintos
Nicknames: Jack (By his few friends), Jacky (By his sister), My Baby boy (By his mom)
Age: 19 years old 
Date of birth: 26 February
Gender: Male 
Species: Chocolate mint cake humanoid

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single ( Reserved for DatOneCCArtist )
Crushes/Partner: Still has a low key crush on his ex girlfriend he dated when he was 15~
Virginity: Yes 
Height: 6'8" 

Abilities: He's book smart, good at writing poems and short stories and surprisingly good with animals, Quick learner, Okay under pressure.
Weakness: Erotic Novels, Good stories, Cold weather since he gets sick easily, Dog's (he's allergic.), Salome....
Tattoo's: None
Piercings: Four piercings only on one ear, and a tongue ring.
Scars: can find a few small paper cuts on his fingers most of the time.
Most Noticeable Feature: His hair? Freckles?
Residence: In a shared apartment close to the college he goes to in Neo-New York.

Current Job/studying: Studying Business Management.
Swears: Often Yes.
Face claim: Jordan Fisher.
Language: English and some French.

Personality: Hard-working, Outgoing, Stubborn, Possessive, Caring even if he doesn't show it, Friendly once you get to know him, Funny, Poetic and a bit clumsy on his own two feet.

Likes: Studying in the library, Reading, Looking at a old photo him and Salome, Being alone when Reading or studying, Going out and about with his friends, Trips and writing stories.

Dislikes: People invading his privacy when their not close to him, His brothers still treating him like a little kid, People bothering him while he studies, Being compared to Ricky or Josh and When he spaces out dearing a lesson.

Family Relations:

Marlenne and Joshua Mintos, Mother and father, Alive.
Josh Mintos and Mikey Mintos, Older Brothers, Alive.
Ricky Mintos, Older Brother, Alive.
Maddie Mintos, Older and ONLY Sister, Alive.
Mack Mintos, Younger brother, Alive.

Friend Relations:

( DatOneCCArtist ) Salome: His old crush he still hasn't gotten over from four years ago, still adores her dearly even though he has no idea where she is or how she's doing
Gregg - Been with him since forever, Consider him as one of his brothers.
Meg - Gregg's Twin sister, Really sweet and caring doesn't mind her hanging around.
Connor - The joker in the group, Always find a way to make people laugh, considers him a close friend also his roommate.
Anthony - Quite and dark but really fun once you get to know him.

Pets: None 

Anything else/Extra:

# Been a dream of his to write his own books to publish world wide ever since he was 12 years old.
# Has two separate journals he carries around with him, Ones for writing poems and ones to write story plots that randomly pop into his head.
# Has a very special photo he keeps in his wallet of a very special girl he hopes to see one day again.
# Enjoys visiting his sister Maddie and his brothers Mack and Mikey often.
# Fined his mom embarrassing just like the rest of his siblings does.
# Doesn't really have a interest in the family business just pretends to to please his father.
# Is Probably the most attached to his mother out of all his siblings.
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No death is allowed xD and you know that beb
BUT Your more then welcome to continue fangirling lol
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Which I have every intention of doing. HNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHH he's so perfect--
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No-- your perfect~
Is what he would say....
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Cute XD
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