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Published: February 17, 2019
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This took me forever to finish but here she is a month later after drawing her xD
Name: Unknown.
Nicknames: Hope (By everyone).
Age: 284 But looks like she's around 20-ish.
Date of birth: 25 April.
Gender: Female.
Species: Demon? (Unknown)

Sexual Preference: 'Anything works'
Relationship Status: Single (Reserved)
Crushes/Partner: What is this 'Part-Ner' you speak of?
Virginity: Pfff-- No.
Height: 5'2 Normally | 5'8-6'0 with heels and platform heels.

Abilities: Flexible, multilingual (Fluent in English, French and Korean, knows knows intermediate German and Japanese.), Can see in the dark and she's Queen of excuses.
Weakness: Garlic (For some reason makes her weak), Hot weather (Gets over heated and sick) and Feathers (Allergic).
Tattoo's: None.
Piercings: Three in total with both ears and She has a tongue piercing,
Scars: None.
Most Noticeable Feature: Her Hair.
Residence: Neo-New York in a Decent sized shared apartment. 

Current Job/studying: Currently Unemployed.
Swears: Yes, Regularly.
Face claim: Alecia Morais
Language: English, French and Korean.

Personality: Flirtatious, Outgoing, Carefree, Mischievous, Bit of a party animal at time, Can be loud, Looks like a total bitch and she is but she's a friendly one, Type to say what's on her mind, Doesn't beat around the bush.

Likes: She likes to travel around now and then, Exotic places and animals, She's a sucker for sweet things as well as free things, Clubbing, the more skin her clothes show the better, Fur coats and clothes, Rainy days and Showing off.

Dislikes: Bugs, Dealing with rude drunks, a few of her exs, Cold weather, her hair on their untamable days, Full time jobs (she low-key lazy), cliché romantic movies and Heavy Make-up.

Family Relations:
Unknown, Can't remember much about them.

Friend Relations:

Gwen~ Roomate, Met during some casual pole dance class, found her annoying at first but soon found her enjoying the bubbly personality and eventually decided to share a apartment.

Ace~ Friend, met him through Gwen while they still had contact online, thinks he's a cool dude just a bit extra for her taste but do find the while vines in bed hot as hell.

Nathan~ Childhood friend? Somewhat grew up together for a few years, watching friends come and go while they somewhat seemed to stay young forever, use to be young sweethearts bur things changed, they changed.

Ada: Coolest Bitch on the block, Still hangs with her despite the fact that her brother is still salty about not alot of reasons.

Pets: None

Anything else/Extra:

- Hope pretty much can't remember most of her life or at least her younger years, all she remembers is from when she was around 15 years old going her own way living on the road.
- Not much of the working type, hard to find a proper job when she has a attitude and don't do the whole "Customer is always right" or "Positive attitude" deal.
- She often dreams about exploring different places and traveling the world, one of the many reasons why she loves mooching off the occasional sugar parent who throws themselves at her.
- Would never admit it ever but she has dreamed a few times of her Mr. Right and that perfect dream home somewhere cozy.
- Sucker for Free things, as a poor binch all free things are worth millions to her, literally that binch who keeps her coupons in her Gucci bag.
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girl that dress short!!! she looks great!!!
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Lmao-- xD showing of all those assets. And thank you!!
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TimesUpizeHobbyist Digital Artist
Damn, she's awesome ^^
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HanppyHobbyist Digital Artist
OOF YES LOOK AT HER. The queen herself MHMMM-- When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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Lmao-- Queen of platform shoes and special shows because she's not a full time stripper despite looking like one xD
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HanppyHobbyist Digital Artist
YUUUUSSSS-- And I am HERE for it~
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Universe-Ocean-BlueHobbyist General Artist
she looks great i love her bio! :love:
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Universe-Ocean-BlueHobbyist General Artist
you are welcome! :hug:
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