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Dyani by AshleyLeDork Dyani by AshleyLeDork
Lol. Design of this cute binch right here was made by the lovely Ask-the-Witch
Thank you so much girl.
Name: Dyani ???
Nicknames: Yani or Dee (By anyone who's close to her).
Age: 25 looks years old (actual age she stopped counting a decade ago).
Date of birth: 2st March.
Gender: Female.
Species: Some sort of Elf/Demon hybrid.

Sexual Preference: Pansexual.
Relationship Status: Single Pringle who's ready to mingle.
Crushes/Partner: -None.
Virginity: Ha! No--
Height: 6'9 (she a tall gal)

Abilities: Has healing abilities, Handy with some white magic, Can shift into a more demonic form and she is descent cook.
Weakness: Bright light (Somewhat sensitive to hard sunlight), How trusting she can be, Pineapples (allergic).
Tattoo's: Few symbols under her eye and on her shoulder.
Piercings: One on her ear.
Scars: none too noticeable.
Most Noticeable Feature: Her horns and tail.
Residence: Nowhere, she's a traveler.

Current Job/studying: Traveling healer, Potion seller.
Swears: Occasionally yes.
Face claim: Frankie Adams.
Language: English (but can easily pick up other languages and currently knows 4+).

Personality: Free spirited, Friendly, Outgoing, Confident, Open-minded, Flirtatious, Adventurous and Creative.

Likes: Traveling, exotic plants and animals, Learning new things, Making friends, Helping others, Watching wild animals and studying their behaviour, Rainy days, Relaxing and enjoying nature.

Dislikes: Killing bugs, Closed-minded people, Seeing hurt animals, Failed potions, Bad hair days.

Family Relations:
Mother, Doesn't remember much about her but has heard great things about her.
Father, Adores him and misses him dearly at times.

Friend Relations: -

Pets: -

Anything else/Extra:

- Her mother came from a small village and Her dad was basically a feared Demon amongst the villagers, long story short: Mom fell for her dad and she's the forbidden fruit of their love.
- Her mom died two years after her birth, Has been told by her father she resembles her mother alot, despite the horns and the claws.
- After her father's death and spending decades cooped up in a magical cave not to far from the village she decided to explore the outside world only to discover alot has changed outside of the cave she called home.
- Now she travels from location to location enjoying all the world has to offer, watching new faces come and go, helping others where she can with what she's learned in her more open minded village that has grown before she started her traveling.
- Hasn't settled in a place long enough to call it her home or make friends, much less find a love interest.
- She's the type of girl who'd handle a poisonous spider and still smile or approach a wild bear and somehow manage to stay in one piece.
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dalyladolly Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks pretty  cool ^^
AshleyLeDork Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thank you!
Universe-Ocean-Blue Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
she looks fabulous i love her bio! :love:
4EverBecause Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2019  Student
Omg!!! I lover her!!!!

(*whispers*mine 030))
AshleyLeDork Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019
Oh my god xD I'm laughing.
I'm glad you like her! lol
TimesUpize Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's very cute XD
AshleyLeDork Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019
Thank you xD
ReaBel Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019
She's so pretty and the way you drew her was so NGHIGHIGJGIUG ♥ 
Loved her style too, Ashbae! 
AshleyLeDork Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019
Thank you Rea!! I needed more slander ladies and what better then this demon beb~?
Ask-the-Witch Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Eyy look at her go! The second outfit looks hella spicy  
AshleyLeDork Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019
Lmao-- thank you xD that's what I was going for
InkedJinx Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2019  Student Artist
She hot
Oh boiii
AshleyLeDork Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019
Lmao--thank you
She such a flirty bean.
Hanppy Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AshleyLeDork Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2019
Thank you beb!
I love her to death. XD
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