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Cyan Revamp.
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Published: September 15, 2018
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Slowly working on getting myself back into working on Bios faster! XD especially since I have a lot of ocs to post and I want to make new ones so--
Name: Cyan (Last name unknown)
Nicknames: A lot of inappropriate words which his sister calls him.
Age: 27 years old and aging very, very slowly.
Date of birth: 31 October.
Gender: Male.
Species: Emotion Devil (Lust and Happiness).

Sexual Preference: Bisexual.
Relationship Status: Single (Reserved)
Crushes/Partner: Music Man, Music is life.
Virginity: Pfff-- Lost that centuries ago.
Height: 6'3

Abilities: Little Black Magic, Can Controls the two emotions he's associated with, Hypnotise weak minded people, Good at cooking, Works great under pressure, Creative.
Weakness: Food... Great way to his heart, Bees (happens to be allergic), Cute girls & Handsome guys.. he's a weak man, Good music it gives him life and occasionally makes him procrastinate.
Tattoo's: Stars on his shoulder, Flower on his arm an musical note on his forearm... And may or may not have a "Bad Boy" tramp stamp.
Piercings: Eyebrow piercings, Chain piercing, Tongue piercing, Ear piercings, Hip piercings and a secret little piercing he rarely wears now a days.
Scars: A few here and there... May or may not got them from fights or other activities.
Most Noticeable Feature: His very natural hair~
Residence: Neo-New York in a small lil house he bought.

Current Job/studying: Self employed Hairstylist with his own shop and everyting.
Swears: Pretty much yes.
Face claim: Cykeem White.
Language: English, Some Spanish and French.

Personality: Outgoing, Confidant, Flirty, Friendly, Caring, Easily Jealous, Lazy, Stubborn, Loud, Can be wild sometimes and Bit of a rebel, Can be perverted most of the time very subtlety.

Likes: Staying home in his underwear, Cuddling and spending time with his partner, Taking naps, Spending time with his bros, Music, Going to underground concerts, Sweet things, Reading, Rainy Days, Styling hair, Shopping, Colourful Clothes.

Dislikes: When people touches his hair without consent, Being ignored, The bro's partying without him, Being bothered when he's sleeping, Dealing with the occasional complaining customer about not liking their new look at the end of the day.

Family Relations:

Mom Cherri and Dad Redd, unknown- Alive but lost contact with them.
Younger broter Grey, 23 years old - Alive and in the city actually.
Younger Sister Violet, 23 years old - Alive and in the city actually.

Friend Relations:

Roi: Traveled and roomed with him for a while before he found his own place and started his hair Salon, still keeps in contact and hangs out.
Nathan: Brother from another mother, been friends the day he met him and Theo.
Theo: Friend and client... Cheap client at that, cutting corners and not giving his beautiful locks the special treatment they need which does annoy Cyan.
Leonardo: Childhood friends, lost contact for a while but finally met up again after all these years.

Pets: He has a pair of butterfly telescope goldfish... He thinks their adorable!

Anything else/Extra:

- Hates people touching his hair without his permission it and it pisses him off at times.
- Spends most of his free time doing nothing or hanging with Roi and his other friends.
- Is actually really romantic and passionate but to lazy to show it.
- Big fan of Punk-rock and can be found jamming at concerts if he's not out with his bros.
- Has always been into hairstyling from a young age, got his dermatology license at the age of 24.
- Has gone through many hairstyles and clothes styles but he's never loved a style more as his current one.
- Has a hair and skin routine he follows in the morning and at night, nobody said beauty was going to be easy and he's not complaining.
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TimesUpize|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice XD
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Thank you dude xD
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Hanppy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
YEESSSS BINCH LOOK AT HIM!!!!!! Ugh my heart can't comprehend all of your beautiful OCs!!!!!
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Lmao-- Beb chill xD thank you none the less, I'm glad to have him up~ this revamp was needed.
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