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Published: March 25, 2019
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Name: Ada Kobayashi.
Nicknames: -
Age: 25 years old.
Date of birth: 7th March.
Gender: Female.
Species: Noppera-bō (Faceless Ghost).

Sexual Preference: Bi-curious.
Relationship Status: Single Pringle and ready to Mingle.
Crushes/Partner: -
Virginity: Totally a secret.
Height: 5'5.

Abilities: Can slightly turn transparent, Phase through walls/objects/People, Can make her slightly noticeable facial features disappear, Quick thinker, Physically flexible, Great with people.
Weakness: How trusting and caring she can be, Her short temper, Cats (allergic), Cooking (Hates to admit it but she sucks).
Tattoo's: None.
Piercings: One on left ear and Three on right ear, a nose ring along with a tongue piercing.
Scars: None.
Most Noticeable Feature: Her died hair. Or her almost featureless face.
Residence: Fancy Little penthouse in Neo-New York.

Current Job/studying: Owner of "Upside Down" a mixture of a Nightclub and Escort agency.
Swears: Too much yes.
Face claim: Karina Hoshikawa
Language: English, Japanese and Spanish.

Personality: She's a social butterfly, Friendly and Talkative, Bit on the mischievous side, Has a small temper and a big mouth at times, Tends to trust people to easily and wears her heart on her sleeves.

Likes: Parties, Meeting new people, Giving people a small scare, Dancing, Early morning jogs, Lazy pizza Sundays, Owning "Upside Down".

Dislikes: Bugs (big fear no matter what type it might be), When people can't really take a joke, Turning see-through because she got caught off guard, Her brother nagging at her.

Family Relations:

Mother, Maria Lopez, doesn't really keep in touch after the divorce between her mom and dad.
Father, Daijirō Kobayashi, Traveling, over a couple decades old.
Older Brother, Hayao Kobayashi, 30 years old.
Younger Brother, Diego Kobayashi, 19 years old.

Friend Relations:

Liam~ Met him at REDish, friendly dude. She just loves his style and how he stands out, often goes to him for some juicy gossip.

Gwen~ Took some stripping classes together before she decided to ditch, still kept in contact and often hang out and chat, her go to when it comes to shopping on a budget.

Hope~ Took some stripping classes together, Still keeps in contact and often meets up to talk trash about her brother Hayao. Her go to when it comes to advise for getting rid of clingy guys.

Christian~ Met him in her first year as a freshman and his last as a senior, admires him and sees him as an older brother, they support eachother by stopping by and buying a drink at one another's club now and then.

Leonardo~Her occasional live performance and close friend, sees him as a younger brother despite him being much older then her. Helps him out as much as she can.


- Spanish Mastiff femal dog, 2 years old and named Shiba.

Anything else/Extra:

- Her mom was Puerto Rican and her father was Japanese so she's pretty much Puerto Rican and Japanese.
- Her father was a househusband, she practically grew up with him and her brothers since her mom was always so busy which was one of the reasons her parents relationship ended in her tween years.
- She use to keep in contact with her mom now and again but grew apart as time went one but still stuck with her Puerto Rican roots despite being more on the Japanese side due to being more involved with her father's family.
- Ada loves late night parties, if she's not at a party she's probably at home sleeping or watching some short horror stories on YouTube.
- Shiba is a house dog, Ada intended her to be an outside dog but damnit she didn't have the heart to make her cute big baby sleep outside, which is why she has her own cute dog bed and can sleep on the bed during those cold winter nights.
- Her brother helped her open up her little club so he basically owns half the club however she's the one running it and calling the shots, he mostly deals with their higher up clients.
- Her anatomy is on the weird side, sometimes she can pass through things, sometimes things pass through her but she's mostly solid just like anyone else.
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I already told you about how I loved the white lineart of her face, but.... I LOVED IT! ♥
And her clothes too with a lot of details, so fashion! 
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Asdfghjkl-- your too sweet Rea~
I'm glad you like her xD I love her myself I can't wait to doodle her more~
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Ask-the-WitchStudent Digital Artist
such a fashionable child <3
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Thank you D~~ I love heeeer.
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TimesUpizeHobbyist Digital Artist
She's very cool XD
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HanppyHobbyist Digital Artist
YEEESSS QUEEN LOOK AT HER-- She looks absolutely fabu GREAT JOB BBY
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LMAO-- thank you XD I love her and can't wait to do more with her.
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Universe-Ocean-BlueHobbyist General Artist
she looks fabulous i love her clothes and bio! :love:
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Universe-Ocean-BlueHobbyist General Artist
you are welcome! :hug:
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