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Unfinished Tales of the Exile, Issue 3, Page 4

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Moving along in the story, nearly back to the group and some action!

Seriously, I deserve an award for how many lengthy holologs I compressed into one page. Some things that work well for exposition and play in a game don't translate well for a comic.

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unit1138Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've probably said it befor but I'll say it again.  Your comic is great, the art the layout, it's wonderful.  Albeit a little dialog heavy, though you can't really be faulted for that as these kotor games are around 60% dialog.
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Sweeeeet ^^ I just got back into playing after buying the PC version - and it feels as good as new ^^
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midna98Hobbyist General Artist
Te-Derkan's avatar
Hey, just read the whole thing you did, and well, must say i like it =D Kinda obvious for me, since the Exile is my favorite character in the whole Star Wars universe. Keep up with the good work =D
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Sith's about to get real.

Anyone? Eh? Eh? 

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Looks like things are getting intense.
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yes, yes you do. that's a pretty packed panel lol
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kryptocowStudent Digital Artist
Yeahhh! :dance: 

I love her thinking face as she listens. 
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Mangetsu20Hobbyist Writer
I personally liked Paragus because the mystery and the horror element to it. It was almost like a toned down, SW version of BioShock, where you're coming into a place littered with dead bodies, mysteries, and crazy machines (later assassins) trying to kill you. 

I do like how Ally is working her way through this big plot as she goes. It goes to show you how intuitive and strong she really is, even as a rusty Force user. ;) 
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yeah, it must suck to have to include all the necessary exposition for the story to make sense without assuming the reader knows everything about KOTOR2... good work fitting in all that dialogue. At least this won't be as much of a problem once she starts meeting more people.
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't mind all the dialogue when it's with people...but Peragus is nothing but log after log after log!:o (Eek)
iaiusjello's avatar
Exactly! People have action and expressions... plenty of stuff going on for you to dazzle us with. Those audio logs though... the station can't get blown up soon enough!
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TarturusHobbyist Digital Artist
True, what works well in a game may not work so well in a comic. Still, the hololog recordings you included do have relevance to the story, so that works out fairly well. ^^
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Fischmeister4Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it! The big panel in the middle is especially awesome - the perspective with her hand, her facial expression, everything! 
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GunMasterG3Hobbyist General Artist
Up Next: HK-50 and Darth Sion,right?
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
new page... and so much exposition.
In the second panel, Lelle seems to be drifting between feeling sad for everyone and "Please, Gods, let these logs be over" ... like she wants to cry for more and more reasons but she won't let herself.

Somewhat amusingly, the last panel almost looks like she killed those last two miners, though given the wider context, we all know they were already long dead ;)

If memory serves, we are almost to Sleeps-With-Vibroblades :)
AshleyKayley's avatar
AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
It does kind of have a "I just murdered these people!" look to it, but in context it should be obvious. Otherwise Lelle just went over the edge.
I really appreciate your thoughtful comments by the way!Hug

Sleeps with vibroblades is in our near future. Mwahahahahahahaha!
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
Glad to help :hug:

And yay! Bring on Sleeps-With-Vibroblades :mwahaha:
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