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UT of the Exile, Page 7

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Another day, another page! I have the sketches for the next few pages done already, but I'll be doing my inking and painting a little differently this time. Hopefully the changes will make things prettier and faster in the long run. It's all about improvement!

Page 6 [link]

Page 8 [link]

The Beginning [link]
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This is so good, I love this! Great moment from a great game :) (Smile) 
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Nothing good ever comes from Kreia (may she rot in the lowest circle of Hell until the heat death of the Universe) smiling...
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unit1138Hobbyist Digital Artist
It may be the kotor nostalgia talking but I'm loving this comic.
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shadoefaxHobbyist Digital Artist
i like how you drew kreia
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Kreia's face in the last panel= win
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cool that you keep some of the lines in this even though the exile is your character and you can have her say what you want.
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Kreia smiling? Am I drunk?

No, wait, she is smiling... EVIL!

By the way, you make nice comics, so keep it up! :thumbsup:
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :) Smiles on evil characters are EXTRA evil!
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First panel, second Exile dialogue box:
"pasaenger" should be spelled "passenger"

Sorry, that was bothering me. Otherwise, I really like the comic.
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ShortyemHobbyist Writer
I like how the dialog is like the game... Very cool!
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its so cool just like the game hope theres more soon
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darkoak213Hobbyist Writer
good job your really good at this are you seriously thinking of doing all the kotor2 story? if yes it will be a long comic wish you luck.
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
No promises that I'll do the whole thing. I can see in my mind what I would do with the whole story, but we'll see if I have the time, drive, and talent to pull it off. If I get an appreciative audience, that would certainly inspire me to keep it up. Otherwise it's an exercise. :)
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Another great page! I like your style btw :)
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oh, new page, can't wait to see some action scene
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Action scene coming up in a few short pages! I'm excited too!
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