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UT of the Exile, Page 16

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The Exile fights some droids.

Finally! Action! And its brief. But what would you really expect? Former Jedi general of the galactic Republic army versus Mark I mining droids. Not much of a contest.

If anyone is wondering, she's using stun droid in the first panel, Force lightning is blue, and stun is purple. There is a subtle difference. :P

Thanks for looking, and sticking with me. More to come soon, as this chapter is wrapping up!

Page 15 [link]

Page 17 [link]

The Beginning [link]
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Don't you find a Vibroblade before this?
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shadoefaxHobbyist Digital Artist
first panel: destroy droid!
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Force powers: Color coded for your convenience.
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guss she got stun droid......
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CelticDragon0Hobbyist Artist
You mean FORMER Jedi general right?
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, yes. Fixed. I didn't mean to infer that she likes to battle in long dresses, lol.
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CelticDragon0Hobbyist Artist
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I'm trying to remember if she should have ion grenades by then... it's either the first room of droids or the security room where that's the case. In both rooms they're clustered enough that a single ion grenade pops them all :mwahaha:
Nice action sequence :hug:
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't remeber picking up any grenades until after Atton, but they will be effective for the future! >XD
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
I think there are grenades in the security locker with the stealth belt (2 sonics, 2 ions), then one little room of droids, then the main room on that deck, right before Atton... but it's been a while. I'd have to re-install KotOR2 to check.
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awesome new pages really good work there specially with the exile regaining the force that was really good
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PaxTellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, another page! Brief combat, but who cares! :love: Its difficult drawing combat, I know. :D

Still, I love the different positions that you drew her in. :heart:
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Stun droid was one of the most useful abilities in that game. Are we getting close to Atton now?! I really do love this comic! keep up the wonderful work!
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TarturusHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome scene. ^^
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Fischmeister4Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how you draw her face in profile, like in the first pane! Her intense look is so great :)

"Formal Jedi general of the galactic Republic army versus Mark I mining droids..."
With nothing but a plasma torch, no less! Ownage lol
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Don't you mean stun droid, not force stun XP =p? She'd be dead for using a power that only worded on organics if she used force stun. ^^; (j/k no point in teasing you over the name, we knew what you meant). Can't wait until she gets destroy droid... should look kickass.

Anyways, nice combat. While it didn't flow, showing the fall of each droid, it did give us clues at how she did it. I kinda like that 3rd panel nice job showing her dodge.

Honestly though I'm just amazed she was able to use a force power right off the bat, I thought it was going to take a few panels for that to happen as a result of combat opening her mind to her past. I'm kinda impressed with her now... :D
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, fixed the stun issue in the description. Doesn't hurt to be accurate. :)

When you get to pick one of your first force powers, right after establishing a connection to the force, stun droid is one of the options, and a wise choice considering the army of mechanical evil awaiting you. Don't worry, it will take her some time to develop her powers back up to normal levels, but I figured stun droid would be pretty low level compared to force push/pull/speed/heal/etc. I don't want to turn her into a Mary Sue by any means, but canon Exile is pretty impressive. :D
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Very true, cannon exile gets insanely impressive once she regains the force (average force user beforehand, but still a natural leader and very skilled). Most people do take stun droid first (for ls) I however almost always took force speed since I'm an odd ball (trying to be a Jedi Councilor who excelled with lightsaber combat too :lmao:)

The plus side is when playing as Jedi Councilor/Master you almost get too many force powers at the end of the game, so investing a few skills that don't get used much like stun droid branch never really hurt and could really help at key moments later.

Can't wait to see her learn a force power after Kreia uses it, cause if there's one thing the Exile excels at it's learning fast. Kreia's going to have to be careful with what she uses around the Exile :D
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