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UT of the Exile, Page 14

By AshleyKayley
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The Exile can hear the force once again.

I do think I'm improving with each new page, though I'm not getting much faster. :/ And the style of the pages has definitely evolved! I really, really, like how the eyes come out on this page. Yay! Happy!

In even happier news, Star Wars Celebration VI has been announced for August of 2012, instead of 2013, and it will be here in Orlando again! So happy! Time to start planning my costumes and building armor and lightsabers! Woohoo!

Pages 12 and 13 [link]

Page 15 [link]

The Beginning [link]
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I really like the third panel, its very clean and cute to me for some reason.
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My favorite part of this so far is the tears.
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have had some time to re-read the comic. and this is so far the most emotionally relevant scene in the game. leaving the force behind(sorta) for almost a decade when the last thing you felt of it was the dying screams from millions of allied and enemy soldiers. now after some unexpected events you have reawakened your ability to feel it. best way to describe in real terms is having a person in an accident go blind for just as long only to get in another one and have it start to return.
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Love your version of the exile! Want to give her a hug!
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah thanks!2 She could probably use it!
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uh8myzenProfessional Writer
Love this scene... Its great to see her reconnection in more detail than the game where it just happens... adds some humanity!
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Yay for character building!
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
I love this version of the Exile :hug:
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! That makes me happy! :D
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
My pleasure :hug:
She makes me happy by being awesome :D
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I like where this series is going. Keep 'em coming!
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Enjoying your comic version of the story. Looking forward to seeing the rest :use the force!:
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Fischmeister4Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks great as always! I would have to agree that you're improving too -- even though it's kind of a cartoon the shading still looks really realistic, and I really love the eyes in the first panel! :D

aaaahhh and I'm jealous you get to go to Celebration VI :noes: lol those things sound soooooo amazing from what I've read
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much! You are awesome!

The conventions are REALLY fun. Last year I only went for Saturday, and really regretted it since we missed so much. We had five in our group, a Luke Skywalker, a Kyle Katarn, an Atton, a Nihilus, and myself as Mira. I made all of the costumes, and it was really fun to pose for an endless supply of photos and to see the response. Definitely worth flying to, which I was planning on doing if it was held in a different city.
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Fischmeister4Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well have fun! lol

And quick question -- I know you don't have every single line of dialogue in the comic for the purpose of simplicity (or maybe you do and I'm delusional -- I don't know lol) but how do you go about getting the dialogue that you do have? I'm doing a little fanfiction experiment with the first game and wanted to get the dialogue as close to perfect as I could...
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
I do a play through, and save before conversations so I can go back if I don't think a particular response is where I want to go. I watch walk-throughs on youtube if I don't have time to go back and play a particular part but need more content. So far, I've used a good deal of dialogue from the game, summarized where needed, and ad-libbed where I wanted to flesh things out. It gets annoying to ask a question while playing, and then jot down every word down as it's being said, but it's the most effective way to get what you need. I haven't come across a written out script for either kotor, that would be stellar to have. :)
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Fischmeister4Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed it would! Us poor fanfic writers have kinda been left in the dust...

Yeah when I first started to gather dialogue I had my laptop in my lap (no way!) and had the first game running on another computer and was frantically trying to type up everything as it was said... aannnnddd that didn't work so well lol so I came up with the brilliant idea of watching a walkthrough on YouTube. The only problem with that was that all the dialogue was for a soldier class and the character I'm trying to write is a scoundrel -- and believe it or not the lines are different depending on the class. Still, it's better than nothing I guess :) And so we keep chugging on...

Looking forward to the rest of your comic! Especially the first encounter with Atton lol
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