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UT of the Exile, Issue3, Page 7

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Hurrah! New Stuff!

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This is a not-for-profit fan project. Knights of the Old Republic 2, The Sith Lords, is owned by LucasArts, and ultimately by Disney.
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Ironinquisitor85Hobbyist General Artist
I wish you'd continue this. Its been 4 years since the last one. I hope you come back to do more at some point.
Karnzun's avatar
..... You have a Patreon? People will support you to make this comic happen!
RogueCaptain24's avatar
Givee us more
mic112's avatar
Thank you, for all of this.
Valenthyne's avatar
Come on! When are more going too come!
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Wingless-FairyHobbyist Photographer
simply awesome!
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avenger09Hobbyist General Artist
"I've come for the Jedi." 
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ZadwonHobbyist General Artist
we want more, we want more!!!!!!!!
darkwarrior's avatar
Still loving this story.
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
She's not a happy kitty right now.

Another fantastic page :clap:
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songofamazonHobbyist General Artist
Just discovering this myself now at the recommendation of a friend.  I am really enjoying your art style and the way your exile balances her feelings of guilt and responsibility with sassy toughness.
SickBritKid's avatar
Looking forward to the next strip!
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ScottKatelynHobbyist Interface Designer
Gaboris's avatar
SWEET! Knowing that you're still working on the comic just made my whole day even if I'm just about to go to bed... Heck you made my whole WEEK! :D

Just keep up the awesome work. ;)
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notshortonawsm General Artist
yay! more stuff :D
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Forceuser2012 Digital Artist
is anyone else still pissed by the treatment the exile got in the star wars novel "tor:revan"???
notshortonawsm's avatar
notshortonawsm General Artist
didn't read that, but I'm curious, what treatment?
Forceuser2012's avatar
Forceuser2012 Digital Artist
Second fiddle to Revan :|. The "supervillain" of the Ultimate sith that Karpyshyn came up with was like a depowered Darth Nihlus. Ripped off the character and pretended ignorance. Oh and the Exile has her a** handed to her by an opponent who ges eaten for breakfast by Revan. Then she (exile) dies horribly. sorry for the rant though
notshortonawsm's avatar
notshortonawsm General Artist ridiculous....
Ela-chan7's avatar
Sacrificed her whole existence for male!Revan. Didn't get a life of her own, didn't get a happy ending. I hope this amazing comics will have a more promising ending for her (with Atton romance and all :heart:)
(note: I didn't read the book myself - I have been thoroughly warned by several friends who did).
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Hurray!  Glad you are still adding to this.  It's quite epic and enjoyable.  Please keep up the good work.  Also, may Lucas-arts hire you as an artist.  :-)
iaiusjello's avatar
Always wonderful to see another page! I'm glad to hear you are hoping to keep at it, too.
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