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UT of the Exile, Issue 2 Cover

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The start of a new chapter! Unfinished Tales of the Exile, Issue 2, now with 100% more Atton!

Started another new play through yesterday, so I could make sure everything for the next chapter is accurate, and take lots of screenshots for references. Lots of metal, gigantic environments to draw, but way less droids. Look forward to lots of conversation, story exposition, and sarcasm, as the next pages come out. :)

Page 1 [link]

Page 18, Issue 1 [link]
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"Trust Me." ~Famous last words.
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Atton's eyesight seems to be pointed at Meetra, just not the back of her head. No, his line of sight is significantly more... DOWN, if you catch my drift. Anyone else notice that? And more importantly, did the artist wish for it to turn out like that?
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Please don't stop making these.
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I SO feel like playing KOTOR II again. I blame you (in a good way)
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Dreaming-is-FreedomHobbyist Writer
this is amazing!
looking forward to more! :D
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i love you so much right now! XD
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uh8myzenProfessional Writer
Wow... I had no idea you put so much research into, but I guess I should'a figured it out from the accuracy of the dialogue. Anyway, it's paying off. Great work.
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thejamzHobbyist Photographer
love kotor :-)
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I look forward to that issue!
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I love this!!
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pure pazzak
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CaoimheFraneyHobbyist General Artist
:dance: I cannot wait see Atton!!!
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PersephoneWatchingHobbyist Digital Artist
You draw Atton so well
mychoco89's avatar
Yay for Atton! :D Can't wait to see more of your comic!
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CadeSkywalkerHobbyist General Artist
I love your style. :) Nice colours, very enjoyable to look at.
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PaxTellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Really like how you how you succeeded on the perspective with the Exile in the foreground and Atton in the back. Those things are a pain in the ***. Atton look so serious. :XD:

Btw, love the incoporated Miner's Outfit. :XD:
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, perspective is a butt to draw, for sure! I'm happy this turned out decently. I'm also happy Exile's getting a new outfit soon, though it will be more extensive to draw. Good bye, strange underwear!
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Wow... good artwork for Atton. You really did a good job capturing him. It makes for a very nice cover page and I just love the Exiles pose and the way Atton is looking at her (it's almost as if he wants to be holding her hand or a more base thought... knowing Atton likely the latter). I always did like the Atton X Exile pairing the best in KotOR 2...

Can't wait for there introduction and the whole she's in her underwear line of jokes... and later Kreia driving him bonkers :lmao:
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Let's all squee at Atton!
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :glomp:
This looks awesome :huggle:
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Squeeeeeeee! I concur with this activity. :)
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
Atton is so very Squee-able :giggle:
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<3 keep it up! I love this cover! And Atton....*sigh* Went a little fangirl there, but I'm okay now ^^ Love it!!!
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Fischmeister4Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooooh yay! I love how you drew Atton! I can't wait to see this :happybounce:

Gah it makes me wanna play again so bad but I just did like 2 months ago and I don't wanna get tired of it :noes:
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
This is just one of those games that you take out, dust off, and enjoy again. :)
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