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UT of the Exile, Iss. 2 Page 16

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So I shrunk the margins (more comic space!) and starting using my Exile's name (more reminders from well-meaning people that her name is Meetra!) Sorry, but I'm not calling her Meetra. I respect the canon storyline of the game, not the book, and I'm following the former for the most part.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can do another page despite my insane business. I know I am.

Page 15 [link]

Page 17 [link]

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SuppaiShiHobbyist General Artist
Classic Atton moment xD

This comic great btw

Lelle is a cool name. I didn't mind the name Meetra Surik. It's an alright name but it's not my exile. my exile is called Kire Thresh but she usually just goes by her last name (Yay for plot gizkas that I will never use)
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lol, cute comic =D I just replay kotor 2 after so many years, still working on it. and i was curious checking out some kotor art work and i found this page. haha I remember this moment from the game. ^^

I wonder..if your comic will it all be just as the game, or you threw some of your things into it? any plan to write after kotor 2, kind of stories.. my apologize.. I am in my question mood, lol
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I forgot to mention specifically that you've done great in drawing Atton. I saw that you said that you weren't sure but you're doing just fine. :D
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Heh, so I've noticed things you've added and changed from the game, so I'm curious, since you're writing the story now, are the Exile and Atton going to end up together?
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, that does seem to be where it's heading... ;)
davnthewarlock's avatar
Hhe, can't wait
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To those of you who love Kotor. I found a group of people who are working on the live action Knights of the old Republic trilogy. Does anyone want there link
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Mangetsu20Hobbyist Writer
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brandierHobbyist General Artist
I like your 'starting garments' better than those of the game.
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AutumnAngel1024Hobbyist General Artist
I'd love to read more! It's really good! Great art!
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This has always been one of my favorite parts in the game. Atton's reaction here never gets old to me.

And yeah, the only time I use the name "Meetra Surik" is when I am referring to the official "canon" version of the Exile, because that's not MY Exile's name.
When I am talking about the player character of KotOR 2 in general, I would just refer him/her as "The Exile".
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btw very nicely done on the past 5 pages. I've been off deviantart for ages just to come back and find so many to enjoy to my hearts content. keep up the great work vigilante, ill be checking in a bit more regularly :love:
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just got around to playing the game again (for the millionth time) and i love this part every time! :XD:
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Hahaha best scene ever! =D
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my fave line in the whole game! :XD: nice work!
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Yeah. Think of the droids!
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Lelle is a much better name than Meetra. :meow: Is Lelle short for something or that's her name?
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, it is short for something. I'm looking forward to the moment it's revealed, some nice plot moments to come. :XD:
GuitaristSimon's avatar
Your comic is a real masterpiece ! i love it so much !
i hope this comic is never ending :D make it please till the end of the game further :D

thank you so much for this masterpiece
AshleyKayley's avatar
AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!!Haha, I love the enthusiasm!! Don't worry, though life is crazy lately, I will keep making it!
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i love this part xdd
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mattwilson83Hobbyist General Artist
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
Another triumph... and yeah, Lelle is a better name than Meetra... though like many others, I stick with the name I gave my Exile, which is Kira Tenmei :)

You're just so awesome at this :huggle:
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