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UT of the Exile, Iss. 2, Page 12

By AshleyKayley
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Hmm, a page where not much happens, but where we receive one of those classic Atton moments we all remember. :)

I will be very happy to get a break from drawing the Administration level. Very large. Very complex. Very over it.

Anyways, thanks for looking!

Page 11 [link]

Page 13 [link]
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THANK YOU vigilanteink for drawing this comic book series of KoTOR II (My favourite out of the three "TOR" games). It's fans like you that make the KoTORverse go round, can't wait for Bao-Dur and the rest of this faithfully followed comic series. Will you be including the cut content from KoTOR II RCM + M4-78EP restoration mods because I would love to see all this the way it was supposed to be, HK Factory, Lonna Vash, M4-78, Prison and all.
P.S. Don't skip anything pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase, not even a crappy little sidequest like the bounty hunters on Telos IV.
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
I will try to include as much content as I can, especially restoration mods. Being inclusive will make the comic take a reallllllyyyy long time to finish, but I think people are more interested in seeing a full story, then a quick read. If something doesn't move the plot along in a relevant way, though, then I will have to cut it, for the the sake of my own sanity. :)
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Yes thank you for that, BTW just read pages 13 & 14, they were awsome although it was a little wierd the way you stayed with Meetra and Atton when T3-M4 was doing his thing, sticking with her point of view. This is interesting while still faithful to the game. Again thank you for drawing this series can't wait for the rest.
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
As much as I'd love to include everything, I felt T-3's little quest to unlock the hatch wasn't going to contribute too much to character development. I hate having to leave stuff out, but everything important will be there. Thanks for reading!
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My pleasure
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Just found and read this series today, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I look forward to more!
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! More is on the way!
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Ah yes, that classic moment :D
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notshortonawsm General Artist
this was probably one of my favorite lines lol
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this is great, kotor 2 is on of the best star wars games there is! :D can't wait for more =3
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PikaShepHobbyist General Artist
I love Atton :giggle:
Your comic is great! :D
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Caught in the act.

So are you going to follow T3's little adventure, or are you going to skip and then we just find out happened a little bit at a time?
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AshleyKayleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Some stuff will be skipped. As much as I like T3, I'm more interested in showing the Exile and her point of view, so there will be some cutting.
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I thought as much. A necessary evil.
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oh atton
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Seraphic42CreedStudent General Artist
great comic series :D
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I love the 4th panel!!
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PersephoneWatchingHobbyist Digital Artist
When the dialogue had something and before everything the creaters did had to be redone. I love their expressions.
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CadeSkywalkerHobbyist General Artist
You can't complain about Atton, maybe she should put something on. :D
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mattwilson83Hobbyist General Artist
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Give a guy a break, he just got of prision and there was no Kreia to keep him company in the next cell. :lmao
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Guh! I love Atton so much, classic Atton is always welcome! I always squee when I see a new one of these!
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lol loved that conversation
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