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hay guys, some of you may know a user called Mr-Neon and that he is wanting to leave his loving community. since i don't want all of his art to be lost to the sands of time i posted all of his current images on my tumbler for all to see
so now that's said and done, i might be posting more on tumbler from now on since it's easier to post art loads when you have a bunch stacked up like i do. to be clear i am not leaving deviantart, i check this sight everyday multiple times so it is easy to contact me if you'd like. 

another thing is discord, i always post my art in groups on discord so just add me and i'll invite you to a few of the nice communities i have joined. maybe one day i'll make my own discord... maybe... ashleyhellsan64#6214

oh and one last thing, i am doing commissions now, proper ones over paypal. i haven't quite figured out prices yet but it might end up being around £5 to £10 depending on what it is, pretty cheep but in all honesty im just gonna be saving the money aside to commission other artists i like which will mean more of my characters in more images so... not a bad cause if i say so myself. if you want to commission me then just note me, i'll probably just be taking 5 at a time.

i believe that is all i have to say so.... bye for now guys and i love you all 


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I don't use Tumblr firstly you stupid sick fuck, secondly lolis=women that LOOK like children, and or 'cute children' who've not reached the age of CONSENT yet according to Japan's consent law which is thirteen+ NOT just children so you check YOUR facts asshole.

And in most places it's illegal for a girl to be under 17-18 to be sexualized?? so that makes your argument weaker not better?? seriously how dumb are you?

Don't defend pedophilia, real or fictional if you imagine a CHILD naked, sexually active and the like, something is wrong with you, and something is certainly wrong with you, you're sick in the head and if you keep bothering me and continue to defend pedophilia you can get banned easily, I am reporting you, and reporting my comment will do nothing.

Go back to "Tumbler" you stupid SJW lol, you cannot even spell a site name right, you have no common sense nor courtesy, let alone any brains. :) do you feel special for attacking an innocent person for trying to get pedophilia taken down?? it's disgusting that you support such smut, you're evil!

I love how you act like you know what a term means and you're way off, and then you support something illegal and immoral..and yes, fictional porn/soft porn of kids IS illegal in some places, and can cause you to go to jail just like with real pedophilia, but it's not as likely to happen for obvious reasons.

Kindly grow the Hell up, and grow a pair while you're at it~
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