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Vlad Taltos

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Published: April 4, 2007
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I couldn't find much in the way of fanart of this guy, so I made my own. Vlad Taltos, Jhereg assassin, and his jhereg familiar Loiosh from the entertaining fantasy novel series by Steven Brust. I meant to make his hair black but Vlad wanted it brown. Silly Vlad.
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ZiddersRoofurryHobbyist Traditional Artist
I found this via a meme… Did a reverse image search to properly credit it. Love your art and will definitely check out this series. Sorry folks are spreading this without credit. 
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AshleyCopeProfessional Digital Artist
No sweat. It's like ten year old fanart, I have nothing invested in it :)
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Awesome! This has become my ultimate mental image of Vlad.

Are you plannng to do some of the other characters, too? I would love to see your version of Sethra or Morrolan.
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AshleyCopeProfessional Digital Artist
Nah, this is from 2007. Haven't read any of those books since. Glad you like the painting!
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4eyes0soulHobbyist Writer
I'm halfway through but can't find the rest of the books.

Which really is upsetting since they're so much fun.
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The drawing is great. I like it very much, but I think Loios should be smaller. Vlad carries sometimes Loiosh and Rocza on his shoulders and Rocza is bigger than Loiosh.
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Got to agree: 1.the best portrait I found of Vlad, trully captured it. Lovethe color blend & focus.
I just started the series from my step-dad's collection... there's probably more in there then I know yet...
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PaulygonProfessional Artist
My favorite Vlad portrait ever.
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DevilKittyDesignsHobbyist General Artist
Great job! You really captured the essence of Vlad with his one.  It makes me have a sudden urge to go out and read the entire series again. :)
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Spellbreaker looks really good on his arm.
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was looking up pictures of Vlad Masters (from Danny Phantom) and I found this...I put the irst 3 books on hold at the library. Thank you for introducing me to Vlad Taltos.
tnielsenhayden's avatar
Gorgeous and accurate. A beautiful piece of work.
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LawrichaiProfessional General Artist
Wonderful textures!
and the look in is eyes...   O.O
CuttingRoom's avatar
Not only is this superb, it's the ONLY cool image of Vlad Taltos I've been able to find.
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FaeleenaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I still love this so much. Favourite book series every.
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baronessofbladesHobbyist General Artist
You have a variety of styles and I intend to do likewise-or die trying!
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Have you done a recent one? With the missing finger, and Godslayer (Lady Teldra)?
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JournieHobbyist General Artist
haha i love Vlad! This is awesome. Great job!! :iconclapplz: And yes, there needs to be more fanart of him
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woooaaw it looks perfect. please keep drawing the vlad taltos characters or we ll get really angry :)
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omg you drew Vlad Taltos.
Don't give me more reasons to love you.
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This is the best Vlad Taltos rendering I've ever seen, all the covers included. It's pretty much perfect and gives me a great mental image of him to work with while I'm (re)reading the series. Is there any chance you'll be doing any of the other characters in that world? I'd love to see your take on Cawti, Vlad Norathar, Khaavren, Morrolan, Aliera, Zerika, Kragar, etc.
Farkasember's avatar
To me, this is still the definitive rendition of Vlad. So good! ^^
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