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June 29, 2010
Threnody by =ShardGlass. From the suggester: "Nothing I can say will make this magnificient work justice! I can easily say that Threnody by =ShardGlass is one of my all time favourites from the whole site! The way =ShardGlass painted this with such intricate detail and caring took my breath away, and the story behind it along with that marvelous poem stole my heart in the blink of an eye!"
Featured by Atramina
Suggested by rydi1689
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"In the first year of my death you brought me roses every day,
Compensating for your bombazine with each new bouquet.
Now my headstone sits forgotten in this graveyard overgrown.
Do not bring me flowers, love, my flesh will grow its own.

I give myself to roses, from toes to ears to thighs.
The lilies take my fingers and the grasses have my eyes.
My old songs hover restlessly; my odes these roots invite;
My phantom tongue still wags though my phantom limbs won't write..."

Painted in Photoshop CS. Took so very, very long.
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Bobertking's avatar
Welp, now he's a construct made out of light and memories of dead people!
Rococospade's avatar
The artwork is beautiful, but the backstory is fantastic
Zonvelf's avatar
after all these years, I still love this :)
crimsonavengerv2's avatar
partially inspired by this
FeloniusMonk's avatar
I can't believe I missed this, it's simply astounding.
fifthdimensional's avatar
No one has commented on this since 2010? Ridiculous! Looking forward to seeing more of him in the comic!
Le-Faye's avatar
I like this picture very much. The contrast between the beautiful and colorful garden and the man is brilliantly done. The care for the detail in the picture makes it a wonder to look at.
I know this has been said countless times...
but those flowers are absolutely magical!
I know this has been said countless times but...
Those roses are amazing!
AvianPain's avatar
A! I think I'm gonna die... *_*

The details, lighting, coloring, ..everything.. just look so perfect!!
secondhandben's avatar
Jkcrystal2's avatar
Amazing, beautiful and great!
Did you make this picture?
AshleyCope's avatar
Why would it be up in my gallery if I didn't make it?
Yorutsuky-Anne's avatar
incredibly perfect ... really looks like a real photo
yudaofeng's avatar
Love your work!
Looseepher's avatar
Espectacular. Te felicito por el tiempo dedicado
this one goes to the faves for the fantastic artwork and the beautiful poetry to match
aysha09's avatar
so beautiful
nice work
Well, he gained my sympathy T-T

Love the picture. My favorite thing has to be his pose, who he's sitting on the grave.
wow, excellent colouring and background, the story behind the picture is really interesting too :)
Olgola's avatar
I like the flowers °°
Evil-Ai's avatar
Your work is so amazing! :drool:
shanghai-lights's avatar
great story! I love the background, and the character's expression :D Amazing picture... it's happy, despite the sad background. Much love! :love:
Juunanaflavoredfoods's avatar
You have many comments so I'll keep this short, but I especially adore the way you did the flowers here. (: And his clothes! And the story... all in all, a lovely piece, well deserving of the DD.
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