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The Necromancer
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By AshleyCope   |   Watch
Published: September 5, 2004
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Behold the mighty Etalarche, Lord of all that is Diabolical, Questionable, and Icky!

Or, behold Bastion of Winalils, a short-tempered eunuch with a penchant for raising zombies and battling demons. He is a roleplaying character of mine and I luff him.
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4eyes0soulHobbyist Writer
Given his background, is he compensating with those creatures he's summoned?
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the eyes of the eels/snakes are so captivating.
chrestomancie's avatar
Awesome! Beautiful colors, phenomenol artwork
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solovampiros Digital Artist
really impressive, is a great job =)
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not all necromancers are evil. some of us merely enjoy giving life to the lifeless, and stealing strength from the strong. i'm of an equalizer attitude, i'm not a diabolic caster.
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MirkwoodElfProfessional Filmographer
after catching your fanart of Vlad Taltos a moment ago, I was hoping this was the Necromancer found at Castle Black. =P
Any chance you plan to do more Jhereg/Brust fanart?

Nice job on this, btw, though. :)
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AshleyCopeProfessional Digital Artist
Mm, doubtful. I haven't ready any new Brust stuff in a few years, I'm sooo behind.
MirkwoodElf's avatar
MirkwoodElfProfessional Filmographer
I had only read the first two, and not even all of Yendi, but I recently picked it back up again and I'm almost done with Taltos already, so I'm all about Vlad and the gang. So I was hopeful. =P
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RocCenereHobbyist General Artist
This is insane 8D He looks awesome! all that is
I love the, um, blood snakes? And his glove, I really want a glove that awesome.
Lostinthemilkyway's avatar
Necromancer= Sexy!
Dark, evil characters always make my dead heart want to flutter again!
Great job!
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Necromancers are awesome!
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CKOanimeHobbyist Digital Artist
Bastion of Winalils eh? ...friends with....Doctor Byron Orpheus O_O!!!!! XD haha Just thought the two of them would be fun to watch.

Orpheus: " Careful Sir Bastion! You might trip a trap!

Bastion:Whatever ya old wiz, I'll do as I please. where's your manhood!?

Orpheus: Apparently in my pants,(smirk) where's yours?

Bastion: >:O *PWNED*

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AshleyCopeProfessional Digital Artist
Heh heh. Who's Byron Orpheus?
CKOanime's avatar
CKOanimeHobbyist Digital Artist
O_O!!!. Should of thought of that first. crap >3>..Well theirs this show called the Venture Bros. and he's in it I recommend watching al the first and secnd seasons just b/c i't svery funny and if you use to live on watching Hanna-Barbera carton called Johnny Quest. The whole joke would be meaningless >_< sorry.
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crap, typo. sorry, meant "Tom Piccirilli" not Tom Tom heh
sigmanus's avatar
much like the Tom Tom Piccirilli story series, too
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junxy-commissionteamProfessional Filmographer
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He ought to be careful that green demon doesn't hit an artery.

Awesome work, hope to get to your level some day (or year).
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Great work! What game?
AshleyCope's avatar
AshleyCopeProfessional Digital Artist
No game. Original character.
Bellmoore's avatar
I meant what roleplaying game?
AshleyCope's avatar
AshleyCopeProfessional Digital Artist
Freeform at
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What an intriguing character...
What is his story? O.O
reeally nice
It reminds me why I desperately want a computer art program
... ^^;
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