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There is NO REASON IN THE WORLD for this to EXIST!

My muse is BIZARRE. I saw that RPGamer's fanart contest this month concerned drawing video game characters as little kids, and before I knew it I was OBSESSED with doing this to the cast of Vagrant Story. THIS SHOULD NOT BE. It's excessive! It's silly! It's weird!

But it was kind of fun to do. See if you can pick out who's who. S'not too hard.

Thought went into this! For instance, Ashley really did have a dog. There's a sketch of him with a dog similar to this one during the game's end credits. There are poppies growing on little Sydney's pitcher's mound for a reason. That's a iddle-widdle D'tok nosing into his bucket of balls. There are details on everyone's outfit that hearken to their adult outfits. And if you don't recognise ickle Callo's dolls you probably haven't played the game. Mwa ha.
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16 years later, and this is still a magnificent piece. I would love to see a HD remaster of your art.

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Cute! Just finished this again for about the millionth time!
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I have no idea who any of the characters are, but this is awesome anyway!
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GREAT! I can recognise some of them because I've also played Vagrant Story. It's one of the best RPG on Playstation I ever played. Especially about the story.. I also had finished the game trice, and almost four times, but I stopped playing because my brother deleted the saved game.. and then my Playstation's broke..What the.. TT__TT

and yes, this is a wonderful work! I love it!
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Vagrant Story deserves more praise!
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Interesting : )
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goodness I LOVED that game, it was teh best!
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HA, and Ashley still has the assless chaps! Brilliant! XD
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I love this so, so much.
An overly amazing piece of work! Really examining everything in this multi-layered piece of art is not an easy task! As much as I love this image (and would put it as my background if it weren't for Ashley's lack of pants... Don't want the family to get weird ideas about me) there is only one thing missing... You have every important character here but Tia! You forgot Ashley's wife! Eh well, still a more than beautiful piece! So strange to see such a lighthearted piece for such a dark themed game.
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That's true! I should have put in Tia ^_^ I love your handle. FFTactics woo!
Thanks! Alas, the fanart of Funeral is nearly non-existent (there are a few Japanese pieces...) then again, he shows up only in his wounded and death scene, so I suppose the chance to leave much of an impression is unfortunately not there, heh. Still one of my favorite characters in FFT.
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This is just too precious!!! :D
I wouldn´t really mind to see more of similar fan art from you.
I like it how you´ve made a dynamic picture with all the characters and seemingly more friendly with each other than in the game.:)
Also there is soooooo few good fanart pics from the game itself, so it makes this piece of greatness even more appealing to the eye!
Duane´s and Merlose´s hairdoes and clothes could be a bit more like their adult counterpartses, but I recognised them immediately so, it doesn´t affect on their looks that much. Because the everyone elses styles were faitful to the actual characters styles, I just felt the urge to point that out. But nothing major...
Buttcheeks showing shorts for the win!!!
quicksilver and screamer wasn´t it? When my friend put me to play that daaaaaamn underground labyrinth dungeon, I always got a heart attack when they jumped out of nowhere and were just creepy! :D
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Love it, and the whole game...
Too bad there aren't more of Vagrant story images :(
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I love all of their poses. The positioning of their hips and such.
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omg this is by far the funniest vagrant story picture i've seen! so gorgeous! they all look so cute! i love guildenstern and sydney most.
i wonder if the blonde boy above grissom is duane? ._.
love it!!
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Yep, that's Duane. I think he had much better hair before entering the priesthood.
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funny idea!
and the coloration is great!
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Everybody is bare feet, everybody is wonderful, I love it !!!!
Aww, now this is just perfect. Never thought I'd see the VS cast in this particular setting! ^o^
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omglol Ashley's Trousers have a hole for the ass to show
I can't figure out everyone...
But this one is seriously nice done!
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