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So Much Crap III

Dual-monitor screenshot! I bought the monitor along with a computer, used, for my father for Christmas. He didn't want it though so I swiped the monitor for my own devious purposes. It's only a scrawny 17" and the colour on it is terrible but DUAL. Works great as a second screen for watching movies and junk while I work Photoshop on the 22".

Most of the pictures here are from a game project I've been fiddling with. Most of them are put right into Flash and have Things done to them - lightning added, or flickering flames or blinks or silly shit like that. It's been a great excuse to get more comfortable with Flash, though I'm not really using it how one is supposed to use it, I imagine.

Anyway, said game project doesn't really produce anything suitable for posting on dA. Hopefully I'll get a few actual illustrations finished this year or maybe even - gasp! - finish that Order of Ecclesia fanart I started sixteen and a half years ago.
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do you post sketches, or whatever you feel doesn't belong on da, on another site? like say tumblr or something. i would make an account there just for you. *3*
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I don't post sketches much :D I'm too shy. There's some stuff in my Scraps gallery if you haven't checked that yet though.
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man, your scraps beat my main gallery's ass. seriously, all those things are way too good to be in scraps.
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hee hee, Murkoph looks like Kirby. Lovin' this on so many levels (except the obvious one). Come back to dA!
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I LOVE ORDER OF ECCLESIA. Shanoa is so cool!!!
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This is nice to be scrap :D
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Your artwork kind of makes me want to die of shame. Wish I could see more of this, they all look incredible!
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Books! The lovely books! ... wait the hot guyz!
I also have a dual monitor setup where one is more or less a POS. But I could never go back from having 2 monitors. Its niiiiice.
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amazing work!
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It's beautiful crap. :eyes:

I wanted to comment on your awesomeness! More Sharteshane art!
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these are amazing! do u do this for a living?
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^_^ u'r artwork rules
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Woahhhh... if that's crap, then my crap is uh... below crap level. D:
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so, tell me what your 22" is? LCD? Brand?

I have a samsung one, but damn, its terribad coming to colors with it. Its awnfully bright.
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Mine's a Samsung LCD too, but I keep it adjusted with a colorimeter. With a good colorimeter you can make nearly any monitor decent, I've found :3
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Dang, I need to get hold of one of those then =)

Thanks for the tip! ^^
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I like the one with the little scribe.. is that going to be posted as a finished work later?
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Nah. It's a component in something else, and isn't really meant to stand on its own like that :) Glad you like it though.
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Why... why is Murkoph a blueberry?
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Haha, he's meant to be a jawbreaker :D It was a joke with a friend of mine.
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