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FFVII Avalanche!

Just some trash fanart from a nerd who can't quite get over this derpy game. It's funny 'cause everything after the original diminishes my enjoyment of it, but if I go straight back to that original, the enjoyment rekindles. Someone stick a cork in Squeenix.
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jokuvaa666's avatar
Quite good for trash fanart.
Aprilsauce's avatar
Damn I'm pretty sure I found you through some Vincent fanart. Now I'm a million pages down the comic hole.
Fire-Link's avatar
Great work. How's things going?
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Wow, that's just amazing!
FKDemetri's avatar
This is great ;w; 
cheloya's avatar
hahaha, I still remember reading your vincent fic way back when ^^  your hojo remains excellent
TheLizAngel's avatar
I LOVE THIS ALOT!! :heart:
Marvolo-san's avatar
This is crazy, entusiastic and absolutly awesome!

Even Marlene looks badass here :heart:
AshleyCope's avatar
Marlene IS totally badass. Girl mixes drinks and tends her dad's bar. Hardcore!
Marvolo-san's avatar
And never showed fear toward guy with sword almost as tall as he is or talking lion-wolf hybrid. Heck, she even seems used to Barret randomly shooting things
Hentaikid's avatar
But where's Aeris?
AshleyCope's avatar
I only draw my favourites. Yuffie and Cid are missing too, so come to your own conclusions ;)
LunarBlade's avatar
All these years later I still adore your art. Your Vincent Valentine art helped me through some dark years while I was a teenager. I delight each time I see you draw anything FFVII. <3 Love it!
SpiritDragonRyuu's avatar
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
I know what you mean. They're just milking that damn franchise.
tricksparrow's avatar
Neeerrd. This game is what got me started on basically all games. Special place in my heart.
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