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Bunny and Clyde

Balthier and Fran. There's a story to this, but I'm sure it's only amusing to me. Anyway, there's not nearly enough Final Fantasy XII fanart in the world :(
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Interesting take on a classic thing, with FFXII of course.

Good work on this!

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I love this! great idea, love all the little touches!

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A beautiful piece! The lighting, composition, and mood are all very much on point. I love the story conveyed in just one image! Well done!
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I love this.  The way you captured the light source(s) so subtly bringing out just enough of the character's features so you know who they are and what they are doing.  Balthier, topless, is pretty hot too, not gonna lie XD.  I love that reflection in his glasses.  Such a nice touch.  Overall, you brought a lot of soft colors and expressions into a simple yet powerful piece that really depicts what these characters may be like in their down time.  
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umm, didnt Fran said in FFXII part 2 revenant wings that her relation with Balthier was only proffesional?
She does, but she also make an offhanded comment about the two of them trying to woo one another, so she was probably lying. Fran doesn't come off as the sort of person who would just outright admit to have feelings for someone.

Keep in mind most Japanese media has characters denying romantic attractions, even in the situations where they are canon.
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I came to FAV this pic and remember it already was in my FAV's :)
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Had to loop back around and leave a comment (likely again) to et you know that even in 2015, this image is still my favorite impression of these two.

I'm likely wrong, but I get the feeling that she's telling him that it's unwise to collect evidence of one's notoriety, and and that there's a better photo on page 6. This scene so perfectly encapsulates them - dressed in nothing but loot.
the little details! the belts, the suggestive assortment on the night table, just perfect.
So old, so great. 
I'd love to see an update of this if you're ever bereft of inspiration.
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The detail is quite lovely in this. Very nice job and you're right about there not being enough fanart on FFXII. We need more like this!
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I never tracked this all the way back to the source! It's awesome years later.
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Love it. It's cute he is scrapbooking newspaper articles about their burglaring escapades
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Oh!! :XD: Too funny....and too cute :D :love:
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There is so much about this picture I love I can't even describe it! Love it!
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this made me miss drawing so much ;_;
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and this is the reason I like them as a couple :D
I love the title XDDD and the pic too ^^
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eewwwww condoms!!!!! lol
its a great picture of them though just for some reason the condom was the first thing i saw lol.
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He looks like he's thinking "Are you trying to get in bed with me miss?" lol
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I don't know who they are or what is happening (I have never played Final Fantasy XII), but this is such an intriguing picture! I just love his crown/tiara!
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Love this! Very very nice!
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You're not alone.
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