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MEDIUM: Corel Painter 8 + CS4
LAST UPDATE: 10.22.09

Painting of model Jessica Stam; few hours

Did a little PS work this time--I found these eyelash brushes a while ago that I wanted to play with.

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Oh, what a cool thing! It is wonderful Heart 
CikeiZahau's avatar
Absolutely beautiful..Nod 
medeiros-yasmin's avatar
Beautiful work. Wish I could do the same Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3] 
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Absolutely beautiful!
saifalzobaydee's avatar
Wow! It's so pure and elegant!
Camethyste's avatar
Love your painting of Jessica Stam!! :love:
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TVJunkie2342's avatar
She looks a lot like Alaina Huffman. Of course, I suppose I could just think that because I've been watching a lot of SGU lately...
ValentineKills's avatar
I could tell who it was from a mile away, good job!
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Beautiful work aside from only one thing, something about the nose doesn't seem correct but nonetheless, astounding work.
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Actually, Jessica Stam's nose has a bit incorrect shape. :)
aad345's avatar
Oh! I see why now. Thanks for clearing that out :)
DevilKue's avatar
Oh, no problem. ^__^
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amazing work
jearommean's avatar
your style definitely has an interesting style to it, but i love it. it's amazing, and unique
Ashley-Q's avatar
Thanks! I really appreciate that. :)
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This is astounding. <3<3<3
I immediately went to comment on Wet, but also felt sure that I probably had already before, and I was right. Back in 2009 ;)
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your amazing! very very amazing :')
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simply stunning.. i love the pastely colours and the lightness of the image gives a nice sense of innocence and purity. Her eyes and mouth are very well done, the eyes are particularly beautiful. The blending of the brush strokes has given such a soft feel to her skin... like silk. Really like this one :thumbsup:

I see you used cs4... did you use it for painting or corrections? I found cs4 to have such bad memory problems.. the brush lag was just too hard to work with. However, I've just tried cs5 and it's awesome and instant.. with a new "mixer" brush I think you'll find useful for your style of painting. Just giving you a heads up :)
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