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Doflamingo x Reader 'Sick like me' :iconashles001:ashles001 107 15
Mature content
Akainu x reader enemie to lover part 2 (LEMON) :iconashles001:ashles001 70 10
Mature content
Luffy x reader My toy part 2 (lemon) :iconashles001:ashles001 264 121
Akainu x reader Enemy to lover
‘Why had he saved you?’ Was the only thought on your mind. ‘why?’ He hated pirates and had killed many on the battlefield, but he had saved you. He had taken down the last of his own and to save you. You had watched that last marine fall to the snowy ground and melted remains seep through the white slush. ’Akainu… of all people’ you thought as he carried you on his shoulder into a cave to seek refuge from the blizzard. ‘yes he had cuffed you in seastone, but he had not harmed you in anyway.’
Akainu set you down gently and started a fire, he returned to you, picking you up and setting you near it. He sat beside you and kept his eyes fixed on the crackling flame. You stared at him taking in his features as the light of the fire danced on them. He felt your stare and glanced to your (e/c) eyes, but quickly averted his vision back to the flames. You needed to know why, but being the person you are, mannered and respectful no matter who
:iconashles001:ashles001 90 22
Killer x reader Good guess
You were waiting for your captain to pass by while you were sitting on one of the sails of the ship. You loved jumping out at Kid, he always had the funniest reactions but it always got you into trouble and you didn’t learn. He would start shouting and screaming at you and telling you how dangerous it was to sneak up on him, but did you listen…ahhhh no. Killer would always break things up and save you from Kid chaining you to the mask of the ship.
Your waiting paid off as you watched Kid stroll towards the spot where you planned to jump in front of. Bingo! You jumped out and screamed at the top of your lungs. Kid’s eyes widened and he did some sort of double take, which made you laugh your butt off. Kid began to shake before he grabbed you by your top and began shouting at you and threatening to give you a bell to tell where you were. You tried to hold back all your giggles as you watched his face go redder and redder.
Killer came running towards the two of you.
:iconashles001:ashles001 146 15
eustass kid x reader understanding
It was another boring day on the kid pirates’ crew as we haven’t ported in days. You were busy playing cards with killer and the others were watching. You were starting to feel quite bored because both you and killer weren’t concentrating. “damit killer I’m bored and we both know neither of us are interested in this card game right now.” You said chucking your cards down and folding your arms over your chest. Killer yawned and did the same kicking his feet up on the crate you and him were playing on and folding his arms behind his head. “yeah I know but there’s not much better to do.” You looked up at the blue sky in thought of what to do. You then noticed that your captain was nowhere to be seen for the entire day. “oy, killer, where is Kid?”Killer shrugged and like on cue your captain came strolling casually onto the deck. You all watched as he walked to the middle of the deck and stood there. Killer was the first to s
:iconashles001:ashles001 216 22
Mature content
Ace x reader stalker much :iconashles001:ashles001 113 23
Mature content
Zoro Roronoa x reader tension part2 :iconashles001:ashles001 165 85
Zoro Roronoa x reader tension
You were busy sparing with Zoro while everyone was waiting for supper. You had a lightning Devil fruit but you didn’t use it while sparing because the last time you did that you and Zoro got a scolding from Nami and Franky had to fix the ENTIRE ship. You and Zoro both used three sword style and were very evenly matched which you found beyond frustrating because there never was a true winner. Lately the ‘sparing’ had become more heated, you two were literally most of the time nose to nose. This particularly built up a lot of tension between the two of you. You two would quite often end up rolling on the floor, which would end the fight with Sanji kicking Zoro off you and the two of them fighting.
You couldn’t quite figure out what type of tension the tension was, but you decided to leave it alone because you didn’t want to actually find out.
Sanji came out of the kitchen “Suppers ready!” Everyone jumped up and made it to the kitchen except you a
:iconashles001:ashles001 377 58
Luffy x reader My toy
Luffy, Chopper and Usopp were all enjoying playing their favourite game with you on the deck. You had a shape-shifting Devil fruit, they would give you an animal and you would change into it. “Tiger!” shouted Luffy and you changed into a tiger. “Eagle” Chopper said and you flew around the ship. “oh, oh horse” Usopp said and tried to jump on you but you moved out the way and he fell on his face making Luffy and Chopper burst out laughing. Usopp chased after Luffy and Chopper who were still laughing. You just watched and giggled at them. Soon Usopp came zooming past you and knocked you overboard. You flailed your arms franticly to no avail. You sank deeper and deeper, your lungs filling with water. You heard a splash and then another shortly after. Felt rubber arms pull you close to a firm scarred chest and then you blacked out.
Luffy’s POV
I watched in horror as I saw Usopp knock (name) overboard. “(NAME)!!” I yelled. ‘I can
:iconashles001:ashles001 418 115
Trafalgar Law x reader part 10 morning special
You woke up wrapped in Laws strong arms and his breath on your back and ear. His arms were a bit too tightly wound around you so you tried wriggling out but only accomplished a grown and his arms tightening further. You were struggling to breath now and you were too lazy to shove him off. You turned your head and blew on his face which made him fidget and lift his head to nuzzle the crook of your neck. He was now close enough for you to peck his nose which woke him up. “morning love” he said and kissed your neck before nuzzleing back in “Morning~ ,uhhh Law, I need to get up now to make the crew breakfast.” He groaned and tightened his now slightly loosened grip around you “Later”. “Law, I mean it” you said slightly agitated at his lack of empathy. He mumbled a “fine” and let go so you could get dressed.
You walked to the kitchen with Law close behind. You could hear a large conversation happening in the kitchen.  As you s
:iconashles001:ashles001 130 34
Deidara x reader Counting stars
While all the Akutsuki members were enjoying themselves inside, you were sitting outside staring up at the night sky. You preferred the silence than the chaos going on inside. Yes you did love all of them like family but like family you found them annoying at times. A voice interrupted you from your thoughts.
“Hey (name), what are you doing all alone outside un.” It was Deidara, you’ve had a special spot for the artist ever since you joined. “hey Dei!” He walked over to where you were sitting and sat down beside you. “So what are you doing out here un.” “Counting stars.” You replied kind of distracted. “Counting stars?” he nudged your shoulder to get your full attention. You turned to him and smiled and began explaining “My father and I use to sit on the porch and count stars together. It was some silly thing we did since I use to have trouble falling asleep.” “oh” there was silence for awhile unt
:iconashles001:ashles001 16 10
Mature content
Trafalgar Law x reader part 9 (lemon) :iconashles001:ashles001 137 50
Mature content
Trafalgar Law x reader part 8 :iconashles001:ashles001 74 12
Trafalgar Law x reader part 7
“Again you’re in my way, Trafalgar” the man holding you said. He had bright red flaming hair and brown orange tinted eyes. You scanned him and found that he had a devil fruit that gave him magnetic abilities. ‘so that’s how he pulled me to him. By the metal I am wearing.’ You thought. The red-head laughed an insane laugh and held you closer, successfully pissing Law off. “Guess she is mine now” the red-head smirked. “You want me to kill you? I told you not to order me around.” Law said with a smirk of his own. The red-head glared at Law then before you knew it Luffy had nabbed you again. Luffy ran around the bar laughing while Luffy’s crew ran after him. “hey Luffy, who is the red haired man?” “oh he’s Eustass Kid, a supernova like Law” “oh” you replied taking the information in. You saw Kid and Law having a stare down before Kid smirked “Get the girl” he commanded hi
:iconashles001:ashles001 86 12
Trafalgar Law x reader part 6
(Name) and Bepo were looking through the market for ingredients as (Name) was going to cook. She was busy looking through spices when a voice she did not know gave her some advice “This one over here normally does the trick with any dish” the stranger said pointing to the spice. (Name) turned to see a blonde man with a curly eyebrow wearing a suite hovering over her shoulder. The minute he saw her face his jaw dropped and his nose burst with blood. Quickly (Name) bended the blood back in and knelt next to him checking if he was ok. “ahhh, sir are you ok. I’m sorry if I frightened you?” the man’s head snapped up, he looked at you worried “oh no miss he said getting up into a kneeling position and grasping your hand “you’re just the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid eyes on, other women don’t even compare to you” he said with hearts in his eyes. You blushed and thanked him for such a sweet comment but quickly with
:iconashles001:ashles001 82 11


Returned| - Corazon x Reader |
You rested your head on his shoulder, drifting off to sleep. Rosinante was your best friend and was currently friend-zoned. You were never sure if you really felt the same way as he did. You thought you had fallen in love with his older brother Doflamingo a few years ago, but then you both drifted apart as he found others dolls to play with. Rosinante would usually sit besides you to keep you company through lessons. Then you slowly started to open up to him whenever he started conversations. "I wish you knew how I felt about you (y/n)...I'm getting sick of being friend-zoned." he gently whispers. You flushed a deep shade of rouge, feeling guilty that you heard his confession.
The bus stopped at the theme park and he shook you firmly. "Uh... T-thanks Corazon." You flush nervously. Corazon's eyes were filled with concern as your cheeks tinted. He lifted his soft, pale hand and rested the back of it against your forehead. "(Y/n), are you okay? Your temperature seems slightly high." Coraz
:icondisruptedsanity:DisruptedSanity 85 4
I'll Be Your Glass Of Wine (MihawkxReader)
You sat calmly on your bed, in a (F/C) tank-top and black shorts. Reading a book while sipping on a glass of wine. Perona was quiet today, normally she would be pestering you or Mihawk, and being he has been gone for a week, her pestering to you had only intensified. So far Perona hasn’t made an appearance almost all day, you were almost worried, and her quietness only meant she was up to no good. Reason being, she was the only one other than Zoro, who knew about your crush on the Golden-eyed Swordsman.
After another hour, you had just finished sipping on the wine, and set the empty glass on the bed-side table, when you heard an all too familiar laugh. You look up from your book to see the childish woman smirk at you before disappearing through the wall. You raise an eyebrow, and few minutes went by before you heard the familiar sounds of boots on the marble floors, and a knock sounded on your door. You snap your book closed and laid it in your lap with a small smile. “Come
:iconjumpyminx:JumpyMinx 207 8
Stupid Bird - Doflamingo x Reader
Clic. Clic. Clic. Clac.
Doflamingo opened his eyes. The windows of his bedroom opened and someone entered silently. He sat up in his bed and smiled when he recognized the aura that emanated in the room. His gaze turned to the shade sitting on the chair near his bed. He stood up and turned on the light.
"-Fufufu~ You should review your discretion, my dear (Name).
-I thought you were sleeping. You grinned at him.
-And if you told me what you doing here ?"
You stood up and walked to him before kissing him. He smirked and sat on his bed, you on his laps. He attacked your lips voraciously and ran a hand under your shirt. He stopped suddenly, pulled away from you and looked in your (e/c) eyes. He brushed the bandage on your belly with his fingertips and frowned.
"-What is that ? He asked in a cold voice.
-(Name), don't lie to me. What is this ?
-It's just a small injury. Nothing bad."
Doflamingo grunted and tore your shirt before tearing the bandage. You looked at him and sighed. H
:iconshingeki-no-manga:Shingeki-no-manga 205 12
Corasan by minland4099 Corasan :iconminland4099:minland4099 266 13
Mine [Doflamingo x Reader x Little!Law]
Being part of the Donquixote Pirates automatically meant people feared you. Not that you minded, in fact, it was just good since you didn't need to bother with weaklings that were foolish enough to challenge you. Of course, being part of the crew also meant you were part of the family, which you loved. Each one of the family members were special and unique in their own way. And even if they were ruthless pirates known for having no mercy, they were such warm personalities inside the mansions walls.
Yes, mansion. Doflamingo, the captain himself, was the king of Dressrosa.
Using the mansion of the country as an base was an excellent idea. They didn't need to be out on a ship 24/7, but instead could take breaks and just relax by the pool in the backyard. Don't get me wrong, you loved the sea, but sunbathing at a warm island was always very appealing.
As said before, the Donquixote Pirates were quite ruthless, but within the family everyone were loving to each other. Everyone were loyal to
:iconnixdex:nixdex 683 56
Make Him Laugh~ Trafalgar Law x Reader *Oneshot*

       Impossible challenges were your guilty pleasure, and Xan just gave you a hell of a challenge. Make the Surgeon of Death laugh before he and the Strawhats left Punk Hazard. There was an additional challenge, Vice Admiral Smoker, your commander. Xan was positive you would decline, until he saw your lips pull up in that familiar smile.
       "You're gonna do it?" He breathes. You grin.
       "A hundred Beri, and you're treating me to sushi if I win," You tell him.
       "You're on," He rumbles. You touch knuckles with him before starting for the young warlord. This was going to be the hardest challenge you've ever had. The warlord feels your gaze and looks dead at you.
        "Hello Mr. Trafalgar,  are you enjoying yourself?" You ask, stopping before him. He pauses, silvery orbs meeting yours.
        "Ah, the marine t
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 447 68
Chasing a Dream ~One-Shot~ (Kidd x Reader)
          You put your favourite binoculars up to your eyes and were not surprised at what you found. You had seen the small speck of a ship on the horizon, and you knew what time of year it was. With the help of the binocular’s lenses, you saw the Kidd Pirates jolly roger flying above the sails. Excitement rushed through you because once or twice a year they would stop by your island in order to stock up on supplies. This was the day, you were going to make Kidd let you join his crew! He had always turned you down, saying things like you were too weak and that he didn't want to have to protect you.
           This time was different though, you had been training like crazy! There was no way you weren't strong enough. He had to say yes this time! You shoved everything you had with you into your backpack and started running towards town. As you ran you imagi
:icondoyoulovelaw:DoYOUloveLaw 158 24
Don't Be Scared (Grimmjow x Reader)
Grimmjow woke up to your sleeping form holding on to him tightly. You had been exhausted from the events of the day before. This was meant to be payback. You were Grimmjow's fraccion and the day before he had ripped your favorite teddy bear to shreds. You had feelings for him and you couldn't tell but he had feelings for you too.
       Grimmjow found himself running his hand through your (h/l) (h/c) hair. He wasn't the slightest bit annoyed with you like you had hoped he would be, seeing as though you were in his bed but you weren'y particularly invited to be there. Then Aizen came to the door and Grimmjow's hand found it's way around your waist to hold you protectively.
“You knew this would happen Grimmjow. After all, you did destroy her something precious to her.”
“Yeah I know but she's my fraccion so I can do what I want with her.”
After this exchange of words Aizen left. Not long after Aizen left you woke up. You opened your eyes to
:iconliltitch11:liltitch11 134 12
Mature content
I Always Get What I Want. (Doflamingo x Reader) :iconkittybones4:Kittybones4 140 32
Another Lucci by chirun Another Lucci :iconchirun:chirun 242 18 Rocinante by Fatenight Rocinante :iconfatenight:Fatenight 40 16
Demons of the Heart Doflamingo x Reader
            You were doing it again.  No matter what you told anyone else, you knew deep down that you weren't fine.  You still smiled and acted as politely as normal, but it was forced.  It’s not like you were like this all the time, but sometimes, you just couldn't handle everything that was going on.  Most of the time, you could just keep going through your normal routine then the feelings would fade after a while. This was not one of those times. 
            You let out a soft sigh as your finger absently traced the tattoo on your wrist. “Love”…that’s what it said; physical proof of a promise you had made to yourself years again. A promise that you were about to break.  With shaking fingers, you picked up the small blade and cradled it between your thumb and fore finger, looking at it with vacant eyes. 
:iconravensspawn:ravensspawn 48 13
.Silence. by aianeart .Silence. :iconaianeart:aianeart 91 10 One Piece - Kid Pirates by Spartaphyx One Piece - Kid Pirates :iconspartaphyx:Spartaphyx 161 39 Le rouge. by Taiss14 Le rouge. :icontaiss14:Taiss14 481 61 Doffy doodle by DarthShizuka Doffy doodle :icondarthshizuka:DarthShizuka 163 14




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