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Later, DA!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 6, 2014, 3:30 PM
Yo, chums. I've stubbornly clung to the DA's sinking hull for awhile now, but it's finally time to jump ship and follow the crowd. Find my new stuffs at my tumblr -


 - and at my twitter -


- and most importantly -


Hope to see you all over there!


Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 1:00 PM
Congrats to Rusty-Knight-X, who won! Check out his comic at !

Thank you to everyone who participated!

I'll still accept any entries that trickle in and post them to the site (with great thanks and $5)! So if you have some work to go, don't worry! Get er done and let me know! Every one helps. Thanks!


Hey, folks! Chapter 2 of Nice Teeth's 's coming to an end! Before it returns, sources indicate some of you would like to let your stars shine on the main stage! What am I babbling about? This!


:bulletred: Fan comics of Nice Teeth to post on the site until Chapter 3 starts!


:bulletred: One or two comic pages featuring the characters of Nice Teeth doing... well, whatever you want! As long as it's not explicitly offensive. If your mom wouldn't ground you if she saw it (and she's down with a little silly gore here and there), you're golden! And you got a cool mom.


:bulletred: These guys here!

<da:thumb id="356802167"/>

:bulletred: AND/OR go ahead and use the entrants to the Design Your Own Islander contest!

DYOI - RESULTS! by ashlelang


:bulletred: Every qualified entry will get $5 of real, fresh american e-money! (provided you have a paypal.)
:bulletred: The BEST entry will get $25 and a gift sketch of the artist's choice! Woohoo!


:bulletred: Try your best! Collaborate! Or write some funny dialog! As long as it's legible, we can tell what's going on, and it isn't 5 pixels x 9000 pixels, you should be good. In the case of weirdly sized entries, I might combine a few into a page. If you just scribble 4 lines and turn them in for the money -- I'll be onto you, bub.


 :bulletred: 823 x 1546. Yes, it's a very random number.


 :bulletred: I'm not made of $5 bills (pretty sure I'm made out of cheetos and mountain dew), so you can enter as much as you want, but the max you'll get is the $5 or $25 if you win.


 :bulletred: Note a link to your entry by Friday, the 9th of May at midnight EST. I'll accept entries after that, but those'll be excluded for consideration for the cash compensation.


:bulletred: This year's been a bit chaotic for NT. My expectations for each page are rising faster than my ability to keep up with them. My colorist is drowning in work at college, and I'm drowning in the prospect of an upcoming marriage (to :iconniichts:!), a move out of state, and even a possible new career. These entries will give me a bit of breathing space to work on the next chapter with the, gasp, possibility of working out issues across pages instead of squeezing out one at a time! Every entry, great and small, will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all! And thanks for reading Nice Teeth!


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 10, 2014, 12:52 PM

I'm goin'. You goin'? Let me knowin'!

Commission Mission

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 6:21 AM

Yo, everybody! Nice Teeth's very excellent colorist, :iconcrackingskulls:, is offering commissions 'cause I don't pay her well enough. Give her a look - colorists need to eat too, I was startled to find out. But only the talented ones deserve to!

(and if you're a fan of NT, be sure to send her some love either way! It wouldn't be possible without her)

 :bulletred:Right here! :bulletred:

So much new stuff!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 4, 2014, 12:50 PM
Hey, friends! Nice Teeth updates on Saturdays! (supposedly!) which I'm sure you all know - but do you know what else updates on THE VERY SAME DAY? This cool place!

It's a webcomic by my good pal :iconrusty-knight-x: who's been up to his eyeballs in creative endeavors as of late, from comics to pilots to a table-top RPG game in which yours truly is going to have a (very small) hand in! (well, more like a pinkie fingernail. I'm designing one thing.) So even if you hate Jon's rotten New Jersian guts, do it  for me, won't you? Unfortunately, passion (of the artistic kind) doesn't always pay the billmen and billwomen, so chip in a few bucks his way.  If you're broke, at least you can look at the damn fine glasses he's wearing in the video. And ladies, he's single! Far as I know. He never tells me anything... unless he needs something from me.…

In similar news, my friends of a similarly balls-to-the-wall-work-every-damn-minute-take-a-break-why-don't-you :iconmechacharibdys: and :iconalerane: are a few pages into their webcomic adventure called Felicity Baile and the Literary Pursuit. Who pursues literature? Seems weird to me. I'd rather pursue gold and diamonds or a throne on the top of an active volcano from which I can rule all the counties in the world that don't have winter (fark you, winter), but maybe Felicity is onto something - the literature might just say how to do that! In any case, here it be!

And if you just can't get enough of this link action, here's a link Nice Teeth's place on the most linkiest linkorgy linksite in the linkworld: Twitter, of course.

It'll pump the news of when Nice Teeth updates directly into your cranium at the earliest microsecond possible. Don't be impressed by my number of followers - they're all pornobots. You know what they say - pornobots love webcomics.

Enough for now!


Journal Entry: Sat Oct 19, 2013, 10:58 PM
DYOI - RESULTS! by ashlelang
Congrats to the winners and everyone who entered!

FIRST PLACE: [DYOI] Stella by Eternal-Nightfall Stella by :iconeternal-nightfall:
SECOND PLACE: Crab Tree and Bunny by Hemlocks Crab Tree by :iconhemlocks:
THIRD PLACE: Peaches: Nice teeth contest entry by Mad-Plot-Bunny Peaches by :iconmad-plot-bunny:

Wow, what awesome entries! As promised, you'll all be seeing your characters
in upcoming pages of Nice Teeth. I've assigned them roles - as seen in the final layout - so you might have an idea of where to see them when they show up. Thank you to everyone that entered!

:bulletred: So far, the only requests I remember to keep these characters unharmed are for Olig, Leo and Kendra. If anyone else wants to ensure your character isn't munched, please note me and let me know.

1. Aly - She looks very nice, hip and stylish! Definitely popular. She'll be a groupie for Crystal Deth, the Island's biggest rock band.
2. Bouquet - She took the showing skin idea to heart, hm? Her sassy expressions were at odds with the flowers she wears, giving her a confident, alpha vibe. She'll be one of the Island's finest escorts.
3. Villaine - The perfect balance of goofy and fitting in at once. He definitely needs his own television show - about the most sensational made up science a board of writers could ever produce.
4. Brian - I like how this entry started as a standalone, but grew into a sort of grudging relationship with the next one. He'll fit in perfectly under the demanding order of his boat captain brother, assisting passengers get a glimpse of the fabled Lake Monster.
5. M.U.S.E - By the looks of her, she's not afraid to be the life of a party - or twenty; a DJing job means she gets to party.
6. Unnamed trunks guy - This guy looks like that one inevitable senior citizen who never leaves the beach. Having a life guarding gig is the perfect excuse, though how good he actually is at swimming with those little legs is anyone's guess.
7. Liz - The sweatshirt, the sweet face, the unobtrusive clothing; she seems less like a partygirl and more of a conservatist. And boy, the animals of the Island sure do need help. She'll be a zookeeper.
8. Unnamed yellow guy - OH GOSH HELP I'M SCARED PUT ON SOME PANTS PLEASE. This is the lifeguard you'd rather drown than get mouth to mouth from.
9. Mutant dog - Half dog, half worm, all ew. Wouldn't want that thing humping my leg. I'm not sure if you intended this to be sentient - poor thing if so! Either way, it's in the zoo.
10. Collie - What a geeky smile! I bet his laugh could irritate people from miles away.  He's definitely way too obsessed with a lot of things - and Crystal Deth is the perfect excuse to obsess over.
:star:11. Stella - My mouth dropped open when I saw her - she's just fantastic! Individually, the elements of her design are odd - the crazy long dreadlocks, the scale bikini top, the mesh armband and the one arm missing because of something she saw on tv - but it pulls together in such a satisfying way. She's not only famous - she's revered across the Island; competition even for Crystal Deth! Congrats!
:star: 12. Crab Tree and Bunny - Wow! This looks like a character I'd like to design but have never put together; she's sassy, small and not too bright, but so appealing and precious at the same time. Her friendship with Bunny is sweet as well - I can imagine him as the muscle, saving her when she lets her mouth go. Great job!
13. Scuro - He's still nuts like everyone else, but in his own unique, aggressive way. He's going to start a trend, and you'd better wear it or else. Naturally, he'll be a fashion designer.
14. Bob - A close contender for third! He's got a great, lumbering shape to him and he looks so sweet and neighborhood
15. "The Shy One" - She looks very sweet and reserved! Her style might reject the Island's in general, but she's pretty enough to make up for it, at least in the eyes of her shallower peers.
16. Leo - Aw, what a sweetheart! He looks like a great friend, and really into nature. If he doesn't care about the trees, who will?
17. Tsu -Another close contender for 3rd place - I love all the thought put into him and his unique system of communication - completely hilarious and Islandish to the core. Very good job! Bodyguarding's in his blood.
18. Galvas - The Island doesn't have much in the way of waves, but I imagine Tsu doing a bellyflop would do the trick. Otherwise, he just belongs on television. That chesthair must be the envy of many!
19. Lina - I love the detail of her holding her head a specific way - and probably flipping out when the camera gets the wrong angle! Very appropriate adaptation - and coincidentally, a similar adaptation as another character with a strange head.  She gets her dream - to be a spokeswoman for the Krohm Arena's sponsor of choice.
20.  Unnammed old lady - Oh gosh, her outfit's just perfect. The scarf, the bikini top, the socks - she's hilariously awesome. She bore a bit too close of a resemblance to a turtle, but I hope my version captures a bit of her magnificence. Good job thinking outside the box here - young sexy people would be in vogue and majority, but only a sullen, hardass few would survive into old, defiant age.
21. - Muttony - Wow, this guy's crazy! I don't know if you just drew him with a special glow around him, but to me it's canon now that he glows like a glowstick. I imagine his voice in a baritone that uproots trees. Too amazing! He'll be a street singer, earning a hobo's living with his trusty guitar.
22. Olig - Now, where have I seen this guy before? Olig might get a few looks for his raggedy outfit, but with his wit and ability to escape a bad situation, I'm thinking he'd be fine. I had a bit of a tough time placing him, but when any Islander's in search of identity, music appreciation  is an obvious answer. Plus, he can always make his neck longer and see the stage from any row he's in.
23. Not Nice - A fighter! I'd hoped for some of these! He completely looks the part, and his little ironic touch of stateliness in his tie is a simple, but effective personality booster. He looks like a guy that goes through a lot of shades - and he will as a fighter!
24. Sam - This design said two things to me - she has opinions and she doesn't give a damn about what you think of them.
25. Harvey - Again, loving the complex he has with Brian. He looks just seedy enough to take people's money without remorse in exchange for a false premise - a glimpse at the 'lake monster' - and brave enough to tackle the lake monster if it ever did appear. Great stuff.
26. "The Lolita" - Another beautiful girl! She fits right alongside your other entry - a pair of important people, no doubt! They'll work together as 'reporters' for the Sexy Action News team - who else more appropriate?
:star:27. Peaches - Now this is fantastic! She may not be a rock star or anyone of great importance, but her design works so perfectly with her personality - her stubby horns, the long hair, the sad face, the thick body and adorably random cute eyes. Who would make fun of her when she's looking at you like that? I couldn't! But for this awesome design, she'll be one of the many lacking confidence because of the Island's oppressive addiction to image. 
28. Grikan - The image of a fishman with a snorkel is funny enough in itself - the beer takes it to another level. With such a specific specialization, he has to spend his time near the water where few dare to dive - retrieving lost items for commissioners or blackmail.
29. Amethyst - Now, this is different! One of the most challenging designs for me to place for certain. I decided she'd probably take advantage of her height and go for a stunt double job for children in movies. Random? Yes. Such is the Island though.
30. Lex - This guy made me laugh out loud. He oozes confidence like slime - slimy confidence! Very fun. His t-shirt practically demands he be an escort. He's got to share his gift with the world, right?
31. Kyran - Very sleek looking guy here!  He has great weapons and I love his balance and his feet. Had he a little more backstory, he'd definitely be a contender for third. He needs to be a fighter.
32. Kendra - Good ol' Kendra. Her shades are very in character here; there'd be a lot of judging glances at her to deal with all day. Luckily, there's a niche perfect for her peculiar extracurricular tastes - the host of a porn channel.


Journal Entry: Fri Sep 20, 2013, 3:50 PM

DYOI - RESULTS! by ashlelang


Nice Teeth presents the:

For this contest, entrants needed to design an Islander - a.k.a., a monstrous inhabitant of the Island where the comic Nice Teeth takes place.  Every character from every qualifying entry will be drawn into the comic! Huzzah!

:bulletred:FIRST PLACE:
-Full colored illustration from ashlelang of the subject of your choice
-Your character will receive the most prominent role in the comic.

:bulletred:SECOND PLACE:

-Half colored illustration from ashlelang of the subject of your choice
-Your character will receive a prominent role in the comic.

:bulletred:THIRD PLACE:

-Sketch from ashlelang of the subject of your choice
-Your character will receive a prominent role in the comic.

-Your character will appear in a background of the comic either once or multiple times.


#1:DYOI Contest - Islander Aly by Alerane by :iconalerane:
#2: A Special Flower by merumori by :iconmerumori:
#3 by :iconrusty-knight-x:
#4 Islander Character by NikolaiKrstic by :iconnikolaikrstic:
#5 by :iconrusty-knight-x:
#6-#9: Nice Teeth - Islander Contest by twerve by :icontwerve:
#10: Nice teeth dude Collie. by Mr-Joseph-No-One by :iconmr-joseph-no-one:
#11 [DYOI] Stella by Eternal-Nightfall by :iconeternal-nightfall:
#12 Crab Tree and Bunny by Hemlocks by :iconhemlocks:
#13 Fashionably Flashy by merumori by :iconmerumori:
#14 This is Bob by FortuneCakeby :iconfortunecake:

#15 Entry for AshleyLange's contest by veerlez by :iconveerlez:
#16 .: Leo the Kipbat :. by PrideAlchemist7 by :iconpridealchemist7:
#17 - 18: DYOI contest - Tsu and Galvas by Mr-Joseph-No-One by :iconmr-joseph-no-one:
#19:  DYOI - Lina by Absolute-Sero by :iconabsolute-sero:
#20 Nice Teeth Contest entry by zeroquicksilver by :iconzeroquicksilver:
#21 by :iconmartyr94:
#22 Contest Entry - Olig by SSBFreak by :iconssbfreak:
#23 Not Nice by CrownePrince by :iconcrowneprince:
#24 Islander Sam by VeloursRose by :iconveloursrose:
#25 Harvey and Clankston by NikolaiKrstic by :iconnikolaikrstic:
#26 2nd entry for AshleyLange's contest by veerlez by :iconveerlez:
#27 Peaches: Nice teeth contest entry by Mad-Plot-Bunny by :iconmad-plot-bunny:
#28 DYOI Contest - Islander Grikan by Alerane by :iconalerane:
#29 by DYOI - Amethyst by Absolute-Sero:iconabsolute-sero:
#30 by DYOI - Lex by Absolute-Sero:iconabsolute-sero:
Entries are closed! Judging begins now!

DYOI Contest Rules

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 20, 2013, 3:38 PM

:bulletred:A full head to toe drawing, either traditional or digital, of a character that fits into the Nice Teeth Islander style.

:bulletred:Backgrounds optional.

:bulletred:Monochromatic/Black and White entries are allowed, but I'll pick the colors for the comic.

:bulletred:Your deviation link or thumbnail must be noted to :iconashlelang: by Monday, October 14th, 12 AM EST. That's three whole weeks! The deadline only qualifies for cash prizes;  if yours is late, I could use it in the comic in the future.

:bulletred:Cannot reuse old art, even for characters that already fit the requirements.

:bulletred:Characters must fit the requirements. A little outside of the requirements and I can fudge them to fit into the setting, but it'll hurt your cash prize chance.

:bulletred:Characters must be original. No fancharacters allowed (i.e., don't make an Islander version of Sonic the Hedgehog's half twin uncle-brother.)

:bulletred:Remaking your original characters into Islanders is highly encouraged! Don't worry, I won't steal the design and make millions off of it. These characters will only be used for small, side roles.

:bulletred:No robots, cyborgs, or brains in jars. The common technology of the Island is about as advanced as phones, cameras and televisions and that's about it.

:bulletred:On a similar note, no ghosts, obvious furries (i.e., a jack russell terrier's head on a normal body. Be creative!), floating sentient bowls of cereal, etc.
:bulletred:No lewd or pornographic entries! The same goes for the commissions won from me.

:bulletred:No characters similar in appearance to Doctor Nubs. He's kind of his own entity.

:bulletred: No entry number limit.

:bulletred:Design (Ooo, it's unique and pleasing to look at!), Effort (Wow, this guy went all out!)and Adherence to the rules (this guy read the journal! bonus!) A better designed character will win over a well-rendered character!

:bulletred:Your designs may have to be tweaked for the comic; for example, if you submit a
character drinking a Coke, I may have to change it to a HerpaGlurp since there is no Coke in the Nice Teeth world.

:bulletred:If you don't want your character to become a casualty (as is frequently the case on the
Island), let me know and I'll do my best to spare them.

:bulletred:Cash prizes will be paid via Paypal.

:bulletred:Am I an impartial judge? But of course. I've judged a share of OCT's among other things. If my friends want to win, they'd better step their damn games up. This means you, friend!

Comment on this journal or note :iconashlelang: for questions!

That new webcomic smell...

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 28, 2013, 6:21 PM
Snff, snff... smell that? That's the smell of something shiny and new - no, not a newborn mirror. It's a newborn webcomic about sexy ghost men - Not Quite There!

Now, I thought I'd had enough of ghosts after shivering through season one of American Horror Story and its beige, unsatisfying aftertaste, (I know kidnapping babies is fun and profitable, but I can only take so many episodes of people sitting around talking about it and not doing it before I have to leap into the screen and do it myself to move things along) but I'm willing to give Kim's a chance. She promised me that the protagonists will kiss. It's guaranteed!*

Click on that link above and mark Wednesdays on your calendar to cancel all your plans and dates and jobs so you can be home the second it uploads - if your friends, beaus and bosses don't cancel on you first, that is. Enjoy!

*Actually I said they will, but she's not here to defend herself, now is she?

90,000k Kiriban

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 24, 2013, 6:22 AM
It's getting cloooooser!

Grab a screenshot of my page at 90,000 views, note it to me and then drop and give me fifty* and I'll draw you a colored picture of your choice! (Unless your choice is nude robotic vore, in which case, you've been on DA too long. Take a break.)

Also, don't forget to vote for Nice Teeth here!

*Don't do that, actually. Not for anyone. You have dignity, damn it.

Vote NT for president 2016!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 29, 2013, 9:24 AM
Hey, everyone! Nice Teeth is now listed on! Huttah! It's a nifty site that lets the readers vote for the comics they read to return the favor for the authors they read.

Drop a click or two or ten (you can vote once a day I think - it's democracy on T-T-TURBODRIVE!) if you like Nice Teeth and I'll return the love by pumping out those updates. This be the link!


In other news, I'm planning a lil NT themed something-something-contest-cashmoney-awesomeartfest for you guys to be announced here soon. Check back for the details in a week or so hopefully!

Also, presenting for the first time ever - a hand-crafted journal skin made by yours truly! Aren't these bloody pastels relaxing to look at? Totally worth the 394,859,333,345 hours I spent hurling semicolons around like a pissed-off ASCII X-men Storm to program it. I paid $30 for the privilege to do that! Thanks, DA!
Tada! Congrats, perplexingPariah
Hey! I'll be cleaning my older (horrid) work off this account soon, so if you have something you'd like to preserve for posterity I suggest you grab it now - OCT stuff's going too so watch out!

Yo, folks!

Just letting you know that there is a shiny new Settings pages over at my webcomic - - which will answer  two or possibly two and a half questions about the dynamic, breathtaking setting where Doctor Nubs and pals cavort around - the Island.

Is it a genetic experiment project in a crack in the arctic on Earth to develop secret military superpowers and breed Weapon Z? No. Is it a medieval dimension where only a specific headstrong youth can save it from the embodiment of metrosexual darkness? Close - but no. Is it an evil empire committing genocide against its own people with platoons of egocentric guards in faceless helmets for our hero to beat senseless? That'd be exciting! ...but no.

What IS it then? Check out the page and find out!

Oh, and on another note, if you feel like proving to your friends(?) what a spectacular nerd you are, these NT character icons are available to use in DA chats around the internet, made by CrackingSkulls,Iced-over, and SamKalensky

Doctor, Standing, Cyan, Guy, Dr. Raines, Mr. Sexy and Mister

Finally, the quiet work hiding from DA over the past few months is finished!

Enjoy, if you dare, Nice Teeth!

It will update on Fridays from now on! Hope you all enjoy!

As part of an effort to promote it, I'll accept art trades with anyone if you add a link on your drawing! Let me know what you think. :heart:

Launching tomorrow? Updating Fridays? CANON SHENANIGANS? More than likely!

Greyflame caught it! Aren't you special!…

Hey, everyone! Though I've been spamming it incessantly to my friends, I suppose I might as well drop an update here about the new direction of my career - I've been hired to design environments for Poptropica, a MMORPG style game directed at kids, but pretty fun (and free!) to poke around in for older folks. I did a search on it on DA and I was surprised to see a fair amount of avatars for it, and since DA is so close to my heart, it warms me to see I'll have an impact on something that affects so many people here.

Check it out here:

This also means I've moved to Boston. Any Bostonians out there? It's been fun so far; I know it'll only get better.
I gots one! So if you have one, add me on it and we'll be artbuddies forever - and you'll get to see doodles and such I don't upload to my DA. Good deal, right?