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Every Hat In TF2
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Published: September 20, 2013
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**AS OF BEFORE THE HALLOWEEN UPDATE! Bleh. They added at least 50 hats. I'll put them in, damnit! I'll go the distance!


If you've wondered why I haven't been on TF2 for the last few, erm, months, well, here's a visual essay.

When I asked my friend for advice on this. He said, "my only advice is to never do it again."

Check out the pain live on youtube here: !

Producing it was a pain, that is. But seeing it finished is glory!

Before you ask:
-I know the spy can't equip most of these hats ingame. But how would you know anyway? He's invisible.
-All the hats are there except the 'hatless' headgears; I thought of showing them as a box of hairgel or a severed head or something but I had the feeling it'd elicit more questions than otherwise.
-The misc. items that could have otherwise qualified as hats - like the Large Luchador - were not included. I had to stay sane somehow and most of them were facial hair and other bits that were hard to stack.
-Best hat: Towering Pillar of Hats. It's so majestic!
-Worst hat: Geisha Boy. EW!
-The Cheater's Lament is there! Not sure why it's hard to find! But then again I had my nose in this for 50 hours...

Check out my weekly webcomic at !
Also, if you're the greedy arting type, I have a contest just for you here:…

UPDATE: This has been featured on Gameinformer and Kotaku! So cool! But the best reaction by far was that of my mom.
MOM: "Why is that man smoking?"
ME: "It's a character in a game, mom. I don't advocate smoking."
MOM: "Oh, good. I'm relieved. Is that that Team Force 3 game your boyfriend's always playing?"
ME: "Yes. Yes it is."
MOM: "I tried printing it out, but it's too long. I'm going to have to tape it together."


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Comments (729)
Drgabi18's avatar
As of today there are more than 1300+ hats in the game... someone will have to draw a couple more 900 in there
Anyways, super good art, love the style :D
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Bluegirl123456's avatar
Bluegirl123456|Student Digital Artist
So many hats :Dizzy: 
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I-am-Oaktail's avatar
I-am-Oaktail|Hobbyist Artist
*knocks hats off*
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MK-Empress's avatar
I was very amazed that you actually drew ALL the hats, but then when I saw BLU SPY WEARING ALL OF THAT-!!! WTF!!! HOW ARE ALL THOSE HATS STAYING ON HIS HEAD?!?!?! OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE IT!!!
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trilliondollerman's avatar
trilliondollerman|Hobbyist Photographer
I approve.
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Dentlos's avatar
Dentlos|Hobbyist General Artist
That's not enough hats, we need MORE.
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InKuBuSboiiii555's avatar
InKuBuSboiiii555|Student Digital Artist
I have seen the speedpaint of this and I was like...
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raulsatisacro's avatar
Oh my Jesus Christ, you are actually updating this?
EDIT: Nevermind, you are not that crazy... I hope.
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Banette115's avatar
the unluckiest spy ever not even one unusual or strange.
jesus christ
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SilverMollusk's avatar
SilverMollusk|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
***Best methods of self-punishment part 1 of 3***
I can only ask why you would drain your soul doing this.
Just incredible :D
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GethGelior's avatar
GethGelior|Hobbyist General Artist
And thus, the INVASION UPDATE. They're after THE HATS.
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PurpleTea33's avatar
PurpleTea33|Hobbyist General Artist
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BoiFahadLami's avatar
BoiFahadLami|Professional Digital Artist
Whoooaaaawww o_O
(nice art btw)
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AnotherUserNames's avatar
Is it normal that I can name 60% of these hats by name?
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HirotheNiceOne's avatar
HirotheNiceOne|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spy: No one will notice me like this~
Reply  ·  
ArchangelOfJustice12's avatar
ArchangelOfJustice12|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Red & Blu Teams: Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! *Doing a Seagull Mine words from Finding Nemo*
Reply  ·  
HirotheNiceOne's avatar
HirotheNiceOne|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spy: OH S**T!
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ArchangelOfJustice12's avatar
ArchangelOfJustice12|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Red & Blu Teams: Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! *Collided with Spy*
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AnotherUserNames's avatar
This is the dream for every TF2 player.
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RabidOctopus's avatar
RabidOctopus|Hobbyist General Artist
'Team Force 3'

That is my new name for the game now
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yarrik6's avatar
5 years later, that hat tower might not be tall enough. 
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PirateKingOfSpace's avatar
I'll give you 2 Ref for all of it.

Nice work!
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Pariahnecron's avatar
You're even more pore AND more Irish!
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