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Long neck

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When I first chopped my hair off. Probably my favorite picture of myself.
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Honestly, I think the neck is the most beautiful part of a woman.
Pretty amazing picture.
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Not only the neck, delicate features perfect for a pixie cut.
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I wish she was my girlfriend </3
You are too sweet!
josephcamez's avatar
Not sweet enough... </3 your gorgeous
SnapShotSequance's avatar
Omg I want to cut all my hair off so bad, and do a pixie cut like this but I'm scared it's going to look really unfeminine if it's not cut right. What are some of the tips/ideas you gave your hairdresser? Just wondering!
Well, I found a picture/ pictures I liked to show her! :3 I loveee it. So much better than long hair.
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amazing. always always amazing. i want to keep you. yup. i do.
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that was the first thing I noticed too...just let me get a closer look...I promise I won't bite it...
hahaha... I don't... believe you...
Makurou's avatar
*bites anyway* yummmm
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