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~Commission~ Superman: Man of Grease

My first commission from :iconcomicbookartfiend: for his fanfic Superman: Man of Grease (found at [link] ) The idea was that Superman was raised by Sandy and Danny from Grease and goes through his own Sandy transformation to become Superman.

The total price was $40
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An adaptation of Greece featuring Superman as Danny and Diana as Sandy, interesting concept, and it works
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Actually, no. The fanfic series this art's for has Danny and Sandy as Superman's Earth parents; the gag is that his escape pod got misdirected to suburban Los Angeles and he wound up being raised by them instead of the Kents. The series is both a sequel to GREASE and a parody of DC's Elseworlds imprint.

And in truth, Clark takes after Sandy; he, too, is kind of a buttoned-down nerd who undergoes a spandex-heavy makeover to unleash his inner cool. Diana's the sexually aggressive, wild one in the relationship.
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love the artwork
tell me about it,stud!
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Wonder Woman fits the tomboy look and attitude perfectly. To me she never seemed like the kind of woman to wear a dress
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lol!! love it, Ash!!! How "cool" are they,lol!!
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In fairness, Clark and Diana are arguably the sane ones out of the T-Bird and Pink Lady lineups in the fan-fic. The other T-Birds are Flash Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Eel O'Brien, Wally West, and Billy Batson. And the other Pink Ladies are Dale Arden, Selina Kyle (Eartha Kitt version), Zatanna Zatara, and Pamela LaTierri (this universe's version of Poison Ivy).

It's pretty easy for Superman and Wonder Woman to be the cool ones when their cohorts are complete loony toons.
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Oh God, I loe superman's hair!!
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Nice work :)

What's next? a number when they tell their fellow JL friends about that "summertime" night at Lincoln memorial hehe
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No "Summer Nights" in the fic, but it does end with Clark and Diana singing "You're the One That I Want." Perhaps that counts?
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It's so awesome work! You know, I so miss you arts, and now you make me happy!
They are so lovely! Nice pose and good color work as always!
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Awww, you made my day. Thank you!
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You are always welcome!
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awesome nice work

guess il have to check out this story
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Oh, very cute and sexy piece!!!
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What a creative concept.
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I don't have the words for how awesome this is.
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Great job! I have a commission I requested already, but next time I'll make sure to come to you. Your art is great.
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