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Edit: December 22nd 2014

Thanks to PawstarDoompony I now have a full refund. 

  • by TaikataFeb 3, 2009, 10:31:23 AM</span>
For anyone who is ordering off Pawstar. Be Careful.

On the 1st of July 2008 i had made an order on Pawstar www.pawstar.com/index.php for the 'Fox Yip Hat II - Extra Warm'.
I have still not recieved it.
I had sent many emails asking where it is and have not gotten any responce. Also taking into consideration the Hat had to be made and sent from america over to England to get to me. But as soon as 3-5 months had past I had started to think i should ask for a refund, but i kept waiting and asking where the Hat would be. But about two or three months ago I had enough and emailed them asking for a refund- still no reply. All i noticed that changed was a message on the homepage tellign customers to be patient. ... I HAVE been patient. I think ive been patient enough!, And it's clear that im not getting this item. So. I have sent a complaint through to paypal about this. And after filing a dispute I was told that I should continue to contact the seller, and my dispute was not sent. ...I have NO idea what to do now. I have lost £32.269 GBP/[$46.00 USD]/[€35.806 EUR].

I am warning anyone who wants to buy from this site or HAS bought from this site, because i know alot of the hats look really good, and there are so many i want off the site. But please take my situation into consideration. I dont want anyone else loosing their money.
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Someone named Matt the Cat (I think) packed my box?
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I ordered Cat ears and tails. Within 3 days I got it. I’m not quite sure why so many people haven’t received their items. I’m not sure, but I’m in the US..
thank you for the warning I was just looking at items off there when I stumbled upon this
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Oh God, that's a great warning for me.
I was thinking of ordering three of my friends a pair of ears for each of them.
Maybe lemonbrat will be better...?
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Hey There!

you may want to look at how old these are and please note the original author's comment, her case was closed with a full refund ^.~

The individual you are chatting with here is actually on our permanently banned list and we have warned other vendors about her as well. I'm afraid what she's posting isn't exactly true, but we aren't here to give out her person information or speak poorly of any one, sounds like she has her hands full with problems and we wish her the best with her future endeavors.

What I can tell you is that we immediately offered her Both (whichever she chose)
1) a full refund for the return of the item
2) a completey new replacement item made to her liking.
and off course we offered to pay for the return shipping from the get go, but I believe she missed that due to her nature of sending HOARDS of messages back to back without giving us a chance to respond.

I'd like to assure you that our steller feedback on eBay, Etsy, Facebook etc are far more accurate representations of our average  customer's experience than this particular individual's confused concerns.

Feel free to stop by our booth any time, we're always happy to talk and chat and have no problem explaining the ordering system to new comers and old customers alike =)

We've been doing what we do for well over a decade now. I think that speaks quite a bit for itself.

All the best!
Pawstar Operations Manager
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Okay, that's great to know! ^^
I really do hope to order from you some day.
Your stuff is very cute. >w<
Anyways, thank you for the information! ^w^
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You are very welcome. Feel free to contact us direct through the website. I'd be happy to assist you with any order and give you time estimates on orders =)
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Sure, as soon as I'm ready to place an order I'll be sure to check out the website again. ^^
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I wasn't sure at first mentioning my experience and it may be different for others. After ordering a hoodie that had the design poorly constructed, (quality was fine) I wasn't sure where to turn next for a costume. I didn't think there would be issues with the item given it was a simple design and they ask that no one contact them during customs. (which I didn't)  My last order was really bad, communication being worse..(It was like pulling teeth to get a steady reply/straight answer) The sewn embellishment of the nose was hardly covered, showing white underneath. The heart design was literally less than an inch from the pocket (no where near original placement) The size did not match measurements and didn't honor their site statements (later told I was wrong about logo/policy) went off a completely different hoodie (sent a link to a different item), tried to ban me for 6 months due to a cancel less than 24 hours due to my mother being hospitalized (my mother lives many states away, non the less tickets are not cheap) after family gifted/covered for my ticket cost I placed a second order, threatened to spread gossip/place on a list for artists to see about my order to prevent me from making future purchases on Etsy due to not doing what they asked of me, which was to drop my case and trust that they would reply. They claimed they made a completely new hoodie and was waiting for me to send in exchange (why would you custom another item without agreeing or confirming?)  I wasn't sure how else to get them to reply back before turning a case via Paypal) No more than a day after did I get a response. It was difficult gaining the courage to buy from a different artist. I was very close to closing my Etsy account after that order since my account might of been limited, but ended up purchasing from another artists that was kind of a wake up to what I did receive for over $100 the last order. The quality and custom I received for a $40 apron went great and I had a much better experience. I have never tried lemonbrat, but I am sure it will be better..
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Believe it or not..that was my personal experience.
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Good God, Pawstar needs to get their crap straight!
They had a stand thingy (I dunno what they're called, I forgot lol) at a con I went to in March and everything seemed really nice...
Maybe they only try when they know people wouldn't buy shit from them if they knew how it really was.
Lemonbrat is similar, but after all these experiences with pawstar I don't know if I want to find out...
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They are really booked in conventions when I did purchase, the list was very long! I don't know if it is an issue with supply and demand but, I don't think it would be bad purchasing from an already made item. Having something custom? I can't guarantee anything, but yeah I have to agree with you that something is definitely out of place in terms of their business..regardless they still have adorable stuff. They also made a stink about my review and forced me to remove it because the tag that had the logo was not part of the warranty for a refund and exchange, when it was even stated on their site. I felt like that invaded my freedom of speech (wasn't even bad, it stated how great the quality was but, the misplacement didn't look good in the review.) At least its over..

(Also, I always forget what those are called too lol, late brain fart!)
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I know, that's the worst part!
It's just so cute!
They have a few pairs of pawstar ears on Amazon.
I don't know whether it be different there or not.
Maybe, but there definitely isn't much of a choice...
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Just because my experience was bad, doesn't mean it would be for you. I mentioned my experience because I felt it was pretty bad for me and after the settlement I just really needed to gain some closure from it and warn others. It is really up to you, but like anything you purchase online just do some research..obviously lol! Their fur/ears I hear is very good, so regardless you still get quality. I think the hoodie was probably too much with their demands on conventions (they informed me that the hoodie I purchased wasn't common for customers..so I think they don't sell a lot of the hoodies they have custom for pictures) Also I love your pug icon<3!!
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Omg thank you!
Lol this icon is like the I've ever been proud of. ;w;
But yeah, their ears are pretty nice, I bought a pair from that con.
They're very soft and they fit nice (the guy who helped me out said they were made from muppet fur I think XD)
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Muppet fur? That is crazy! The quality is great and I am sure since its just ears and furry accessories it will be awesome when it arrives! Just...don't put it in the dryer, lol! (guilty) XD
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 I personally will not be purchasing from Pawstar anytime soon and it sucks because they have cute stuff. I ordered a hoodie from them that arrived with the heart literally at the pocket, no where near the chest. It was very difficult to get a small detailed answer to my question (whether I would be responsible for return shipping) and the front looks completely empty without the design in place since the size is large. I was very patient and disappointed..

"We value Quality over Quantity and is for this reason why we would prefer to take the time to get your order right rather than make some shoddy product that is *not* right."

Definitely not shoddy, but not right.
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I was looking through the reviews for Pawstar on Google, and I know this is really, really old, but I was just curious if you still had this problem, because all of their stuff looks amazing, and I'd really like one, but I don't wanna buy something if I, you know, I don't get it or it comes in a different color than what I wanted. Just asking if you got the issue resolved with them, I really hope you did...
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I have still not had the issue resolved unfortunately. No refund given and no hat. I sent a note to the person who claimed to work for Pawstar on this article, but they did not reply. =/
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I ordered $103.00 dollars worth of tails, necomimi covers and paws from pawstar 

(Fingers crossed)
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Thanks for the warning. I've ordered something from them back in April, still not received it. I know they have been busy with Anime Detour and other conventions, my friend bought a hat from them at Anime Detour, which is what prompted me to buy one, hoping I didn't get screwed.
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Hello everyone,
I'm sorry to hear about your complications with Pawstar, but I'm here to help. We'd rather see up old wounds (no matter how old) than let them fester.
So! If you would like, we can talk about this problem on me email:
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Not had a reply yet..
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Sent an email, thankyou.
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