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I ought to be more active here since I've been here so long! There's a bunch of things happening that you'll only see if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter as I have only using DA for uploading completed art. So I'm going to give a little update on events past present and future! PlayStation 5 Live Reveal Last night you might have seen me if you were watching the PS5 reveal! I was briefly in the live streaming event footage with 2 other colleagues of mine from Mediatonic welcoming people to PlayStation 5. This was fun as no one knew I was going to be in this and as soon as it aired, my phone went wild with friends and colleagues telling me they're screaming at the TV. It was only a split second but I was there and their reactions made me feel so loved! 💛 Here at 01:07:27 Some weeks prior I was also on the PlayStation Blog talking about our upcoming game, Fall Guys. This was less of a surprise at work but fun to be on PlayStation's official pages for the first time. Streaming
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I read a comment once that stuck with me. It wasn't directed at my pixel art but I still think about it. It was something like: 'pixel art has to be minimal because the closer to realism you get, the more you're just making a low-resolution painting.' I definitely think I have walked that line myself, having gone too far with the blending and having had to limit the colours and steer it back into the realm of pixels. I don't think there's anything wrong with detailed pixel art of course and anyone can make what they want; there aren't rules. So I'm just curious to see if anyone has any examples of their ultimate favourite pixel works. On t
Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In Currently streaming my painting on discord today, please do join. Never done this before so let me know if you can't access this or if anything went wrong! (Thanks for all the screensharing platform suggestions <3)
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...the happiest of birthdays to you...may the coming year be joyful and prosperous...X3

Hey old friend, I know we haven't talked in a very long time, but I started up on Deviantart again. It's been a long few years and I'm glad i remembered your old account so I could find you here. I hope you're doing well, you're still as skilled and wonderful as ever! Keep it up, I'm always gonna be your huge fan!

Best, Sylenvie/Azuma/Ophilia/and others ;)

Instant-watch. Love your gallery!
Your pixel work is always so completely inspiring.

Thank you so much!

Hello can I ask your brush settings for your gorgeous artworks? I just found you here and I totally fell in love, I alwaysw wanted to draw like its rendered but never really understood, at least my brushes never was ok // I mean I use paint tool sai eh - if you work in same program, it would really mean a world to me ah <33 owo

thankchu for any answer tho !!!! 

I just use a hard round, soft round and a square. I use Photoshop and have never used SAI. I'd say it's less about the brushes, more about how you use them. Like if you think about traditional painters, they all use brushes without any digital effects but can all paint different things. :)