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The snow tells me where I am.
Who I've been.
What I do.

The snow tells me what I think.
What I like.
What I do.

The snow is a friend of mine.
The snow is love.
The snow is you.

No one likes me like you do.
And, so I know.
The snow is you.

The snow is you, inside of me.
The snow is love.
My love in life.

The snow can mend the way I like.
To build a person.
My love in life.

But, the snow is you.
So, in spring.
The snow shall leave.

Just as you left me here.
The snow shall leave.
The snow is you.

Alone, in life.
The snow is gone.
And, so is love.

The snow, it told me what I loved.
That I loved...
The snow was you...
I wrote this when I was thinking about Catie...and then I realized that we hadn't had any snow this winter I wrote this ...
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Aww... A really touching piece.