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Disclaimer: I am not rich and I do not own Ash/Ashley, Misty, Janine or Brock or any of the characters that are in this story. I do however own this story so don't take without my permission. Also don't sue me.

Author's Note: I will still only cover the major events of the Anime Series. It is basically my re-telling of the journey Ash took only as Ashley. Also from what you saw in the last chapter I am not going to cover the Exeggcute/Exeggutor Magician Episode since Misty and Brock are currently back at their gyms, however Ashley may take part in a magic show simlar to the one that Misty took part in during the Anime Episode: March of Exeggutor Squad. I also made Team Rocket only five years older than Ashley and Janine rather than seven. Brock is 14 rather than 16 at the moment.

Episode 09: Return to Saffron City!

Ages: Ashley: 10, Team Rocket: 15, Janine: Age 10

Still no romance planned for a while yet.

Previously on New Life, New Journey...

Ashley and Janine defeated Lt. Surge and earned their Thunder Badges.

A Week Later after the Vermilion City Battle...

Ashley and Janine have been traveling for quite sometime now and have now arrived in Saffron City. The Haunter that Ashley had given to Sabrina was given permission by Sabrina herself to seek out Ash or rather Ashley. Haunter did eventually find Ashley, and even though Ashley was a girl now the Haunter still recognized her and opted to become part of Ashley's team so Ashley's team now consisted of Pikachu, Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Pidgeotto, and Haunter. So now Ashley and Janine arrived in Saffron City after a sidetrack to Lavender Town so Janine could capture a Ghost Pokemon. She managed to capture a Gastly she also captured an Ekans which evolved into Arbok. So Janine's team consisted of the following Pokemon: Venonat, Venomoth, Gastly, Arbok, Weezing, and Nidorina. So now they were off to the gym after restoring their Pokemon. Ashley loves being a girl now more than ever. She has accomplished so much more than she did as Ash, that she is leaning toward staying female for the rest of her life even if a cure for Erika's Concoction is found. Also after training for a while, Haunter evolved into Gengar since it had changed hands quite a bit. Now Ashley's Pokemon team consisted of: Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, and Gengar. Now it was time for Ashley's rematch with Sabrina. Janine then spoke up.

"I have really enjoyed traveling with you these past few months Ashley." Janine said, "but once we get the Marsh Badge from Sabrina, I am going to head to Celadon City to take on Erika and go off on my own journey. Let's promise to see each other in the Indigo League Competition."

"Agreed Janine," Ashley said to her best human friend. "Let's make our battle the best battle we have ever had."

"Deal!" Janine said as she shook Ashley's hand. "Let's get to Saffron Gym."

Ashley nodded as she led Janine to Saffron City.

"Well here is the gym." Ashley said. "Are you ready for our battle?"

"I sure am." Janine said.

Ashley and Janine made their way through all the trainers in the gym and eventually made it to the room with Sabrina.

"I knew you were coming months ago after you got transformed Ashley." Sabrina said with the monotone voice she used when she first met Ash. "I will accept your tag battle challenge. Alakazam, Mr. Mime I choose you."

Ashley did a Pirouette and a pose. "Gengar I choose you!" Ashley said.

"I choose you Venomoth!" Janine said.

"This is a tag battle between Sabrina the Saffron City Gym Leader and Ashley Ketchum from Pallet Town and Janine from Fuchsia City." The Referee said. "Let the battle begin!"

"Alakazam use Teleport and Psychic!" Sabrina said.

"Dodge Gengar and come back at Alakazam with Night Shade!" Ashley said.

"Mr. Mime use Confusion on Venomoth!" Sabrina said.

"Dodge it Venomoth and use Silver Wind!"

The battle went back and forth between the trainers until it was down to one last attack from Ash and Janinine's Pokemon. Alakazam and Mr. Mime were very weak and could barely stand but were still holding on none the less.

"Venomoth Silver Wind!" Janine said.

"Gengar use Hypnosis followed by Nightmare and Hex on Alakazam!" Ashley said.

"Now Venomoth!" Janine said. "Use Bug Buzz on Mr. Mime to finish it off!"

Gengar and Venomoth skillfully hit the opposing Pokemon. Mr. Mime and Alakazam tried to dodge it but couldn't as they took the full brunt of the attacks.

Eventually the two Psychic Pokemon had swirls in their eyes indicating that they have fainted.

"Mr. Mime and Alakazam are unable to battle." The referee said. "The winners are Gengar and Venomoth! That means the match goes to the team of Ashley and Janine

After recalling their Pokemon, both Ash and Janine were given a Marsh Badge a piece.

"Congratulations to both of you." Sabrina said with a giggle in a normal voice. She just did the Monotone to throw Ashley off. "Sorry about the Monotone attacks, but I figured that me speaking in a monotone voice would scare you and make the battle easier for me to win."

"I figured you were just messing with me Sab." Ashley said. "That's the reason why I didn't get worried because I knew you were just acting. Thanks for the great battle Sabrina!"

"You are very welcome Ashley." Sabrina said. "You did a great job as well Janine."

"Thanks Sabrina." Janine said.

Ashley and Janine took a pose and proclaimed with pride. "We just won a Marsh Badge!"

Ashley and Janine waved bye to Sabrina and went to the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon, which didn't seem to take a lot of time at all.

After the Pokemon are healed, Janine and Ashley go their separate way promising to meet again someday.

A Week or So Later on Ashley's Pokemon Journey...

Ashley arrives at an approach to what looks to be a bridge with a lift-span on it. She enters the Pokemon Center and then contacts Professor Oak and to her surprise also speaks to her mom and tells her how she has been doing since that fateful day months ago. Ashley explains what happened and told Delia that she was just fine. After Ashley hung up there was an urgent phone call from Sunny Town telling them about several Sick Pokemon. Nurse Joy needed some medicine right away. Ashley then volunteered to run the medicine to Sunny Town seems how she was the only one currently in the center. She also noticed that the only way across the bay was by bike. Ashley put the medicine in her backpack and rented a bike. It was collapsible, but Ashley had to give it back after she was done using it. So she thought anyway, she knew that she couldn't afford a bike because it cost so much money. She then remembered that she picked up a couple of Bike Vouchers in Vermilion City. Well Both her and Janine did. Janine didn't want hers so she gave hers to Ashley. Ashley could use one of them now, and the other one to pay Misty back. That's what she was going to do. Before Ashley headed out into the storm, she asked Nurse Joy if she could have the bike. Nurse Joy said she could have it if she had a Bike Voucher. Ashley presented Nurse Joy the Bike Voucher. Nurse Joy then gave the bike to Ashley. Ashley then asked if she could ship something to a friend of hers. She owed Misty a bike and she was going to make good on it. Luckily she found a bike exactly like the one that Pikachu trashed when he was fighting the Spearow.

"Nurse Joy, I would like this bike sent to Cerulean City Gym gift wrapped." Ashley said as she presented Nurse Joy with her other Bike Voucher and paid for the gift wrap and shipping. She had won a lot of money since that fateful day where she became the girl she was now today. She was still debating whether or not to change back should a cure be found. Ashley also bought a card and wrote in it a lot neater than she did when she was a guy. She was finding it harder and harder to believe that she was once a guy that hated perfume. Now she was a girl and love perfume so much. She was hoping to find Mr. Right sometime. She cringed at that thought. She wasn't ready to date guys yet or date anybody. She was only 10 after all.

In very neat writing this is what she wrote in the letter to Misty:

Dear Misty,

Thank you so much for supporting me through thick and then when I was traveling with you, even though it was as a nasty boy, for part of my journey. I am now 100 % Female in everything right down to the mind and everything else associated with female. I appreciate all the help that you and Brock gave me. I have finally re-earned all my badges that I had earned as Ash right before Celadon. The longer I spend this way, the more comfortable I become with being a girl. I am so not sure when or if I will ever change back should a cure be found. I have still not gotten into guys yet, I think it will be a while since I am only 10. I am also not really interested in going the other way. Not at the moment anyway. I hope this pays you back for what Pikachu and I did to your bike when I first started my journey. Thank you for your continuing support, enjoy your present.


Ashley Ketchum your BFF!

With that Ashley finished the letter to Misty and sealed it up and placed a stamp on the envelope as she put it in the mail box. Nurse Joy said the letter and the bike will get to Cerulean Gym within the next week so Misty will have both.

"Really?" Ashley asked.

"Really." Nurse Joy said as she put the box in the shipping pile along with the Envelope which was taped to the beautifully wrapped box that was covered in all kinds of bubbles and water Pokemon.

"Thank you so much for everything. Event the collapsible bike Nurse Joy."

"No problem Ashley." Nurse Joy said. "You better get that medicine to that sick Pokemon across the bay."

"Oh yeah that's right!" Ashley exclaimed. "Thanks again for everything."

With that Ashley headed outside and across the bridge to the other side.

Ashley successfully delivered the medicine for the sick Pokemon and then continued on her journey through Kanto.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Now that Janine has departed, Ashley is on her own. She is once again caught in a storm and rushes into a mansion with a crooked sign on it. The sign reads Imite House. Ash then meets a girl with blue hair who looks just like her. Who is she really, also how is Team Rocket involved? Stay Tuned to find out

Next Time on New Life, New Journey: Episode 10: Ditto's Mysterious Mansion coming soon to a fanfiction site near you.

Author's Note: What do you think? Also, I will be using some Generation V Attacks with Ashley's Pokemon.
Here is Episode 09 of this story. It is last one I have written so far. Please enjoy!
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