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Episode 07: Ghosts, Maidens, and Bye Bye Butterfree!

Pairing for this story: Ashley/FemAsh x Gary

Disclaimer: I never have and never will own Pokemon. I am only writing this fic for enjoyment and to pay tribute to the creators and writers of Pokemon.


Ashley and Gary challenged Lt. Surge to a tag battle and won. Also they got invited to a cruise that was infiltrated by Team Rocket who was trying to steal Pokemon. Team Rocket was blasted off again, unfortunately the ship sank and our heroes wound up shipwrecked on an island that had giant mechanical Pokemon. Ashley and Company made it out of the amusement park and ended up camping out for the night.

After camping overnight and finally making it to Puerta Vista...

Team Rocket was at it again and with the help of Nastina, the sister of Brutella, they angered some Tentacool and Tentacruel. The two poison/ water types were on a rampage and were calmed down by Ashley and Gary. Both Ashley's Pikachu and Gary's Pikachu shocked the Tentacruel that was rampaging through Puerta Vista. The Tentacruel was knocked out and taken further out to see where it went its own way. Misty had captured a Horsea and sent it to her sisattters to take care of. All went well and Team Rocket was sent blasting off again. Nastina was arrested and thrown in jail with her sister. Ashley and Company finally board a ferry to the mainland to continue their journey to the mainland.

On the Ferry...

"Hey Ashe?" Gary asked his girlfriend. "Why is there a stone statue overlooking the bay?"

"Oh, there is a story to that." Ashley said. "It seems that years ago a Maiden was waiting on that cliff for her boyfriend to return from war. He never returned."

"That still doesn't explain the stone statue." Gary said.

"Well day after day, year after year she waited and waited for her soldier to return. She didn't eat or sleep. Eventually it got to the point where she was frozen there. Then her body took on the composition of the cliff which is stone. Legend says that every year at the end of summer, she appears still searching for her beloved." Ashley said. "When we get to shore, you are so going with Misty and me to go shopping. You need to get a makeover at least clothing wise."

"What is wrong with my clothes?" Gary asks.

"They are too immature for you." Ashley said. "I will help you though as well as Misty to find a new wardrobe for you."

"No, I am not going to do it Ashe!" Gary said in protest. "I like my clothes the way they are. There is nothing you can do to change my mind."

"Ohhhhhhhhhh reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll lyyyyyy Gare Bear?" Ashley asked as tears started to develop in her eyes. "Do you really want to disappoint little old me your loving girlfriend, who has loved you since she was born?"

"That's not going to work Ashykins." Gary said with a blush as he tried to hide his uncomfortableness. "I dare you to try and change my mind."

"Oh okay!" Ashley said with a wink and a smirk as she sexily walked up to her love. "It would make me soooooo happppy if you get this wardrobe change for me. You said you would do anything for me."

Ashley then walked up to Gary seductively and wrapped her arms around his neck. She tilted her head sideways and passionately kissed Gary. A kiss which Gary was happy to return.

When they both separated, they looked at each other lovingly and kissed again.

"Okay! Okay." Gary said. "I will do this for you Ashykins."

Ashley then walked up to him and placed one of her finely manicured fingers on his heart drew a circle with the finger.

"I knew you couldn't resist my girlish charm Gare Bear." Ashley said as she embraced Gary lovingly. "We are so meant to be together."

"There is another part to the legend." Misty said. "It is said that if a male hears the cries of the maiden's ghost, he will instantly fall in love with her."

"That is exactly why I need you to go with Misty and Me." Ashley said. "There is no way I am going to let some centuries old ghost take my Gare Bear away from me."

"So you are doing this to protect me?" Gary asked with a blush. "You really don't want me to change my wardrobe."

"Actually I do." Ashley said with a wink and a smile. "Those clothes are so for ten year olds. You are fourteen after all."

"I guess you're right Ashe." Gary said as he placed his arm around Ashley's neck and Ashley placed her arm around Gary's waist.

Soon, they arrived at Maiden's Peak. Ashley, Gary, and Misty went off to shop while Brock went to explore more of the town.

Jessie and James were exploring the town to find some rare Pokemon to snatch when they got separated. Meowth stayed with Jessie while James went his own way.

Ashley took Gary to a men's clothing store. She smiled at him.

"Pick out what you want, and I will see if I like it or not. I will also buy it for you." Ashley said as she passionately kissed Gary she then turned to Misty. "It's time for your makeover as well Mist."

"Sure thing Ashe." Misty said as her and Ashley went over to the women's department. "Could it be something yellow?"

"Yellow is a good color for you." Ashley said. "You need to get rid of those ratty cutoffs too."

"What is wrong with my cutoffs?" Misty asks with a glare.

"Like I told Gary, it makes you look younger." Ashley said. "Also it's obvious that you are no tomboy, at least not now. Especially the way you have been wearing your hair lately."

"I guess you're right Ashe." Misty says. "Actually, ever since I started traveling with you I've wanted to dress more like the girl I am, but I've been stuck with the same wardrobe for a few years."

"Well let's go find you some girly clothes." Ashley said with a smile as she dragged Misty behind her.

"Ashe, I can walk myself you know." Misty said.

"I know Mist, I am just excited that's all." Ashley said.

Misty searched and searched and found what seemed to be the perfect outfit for her. She also bought shoes to match. She tried on the outfit which consisted of a yellow tank top and a yellow denim skirt similar to Ashley's she also tried on some yellow sneakers to go along with he yellow calf-length socks.

"Hey Ashe, could you come here and take a look at me?" Misty asked from the dressing room a few feet away from where Ashley was looking at clothes.

"Sure thing Mist." Ashley said as she knocked on the dressing room door. "Let me see how you look."

Misty opened the door and seemed a bit nervous her hair was a bit more wavy than it had been. It was still short compared to Ashley's it was about upper-back length. Ashley walked in and closed and locked the door behind her.

Misty then posed in her new outfit.

"Wow Mist, you look great!" Ashley said with a smile. "I like that look for you."

"Thanks Ashe." Misty said as she hugged her best friend.

Ashley hugged Misty back and left the dressing room.

"Meet me at the cashier desk." Ashley said. "I need to go see how Gare Bear is doing."

"Okay Ashe." Misty said as she changed into her other clothes since the clothes that she was showing Ashley have not been purchased yet.

In another section of the store...

Gary had found some clothes that he wanted to try on. He was hoping his girl would approve. He was wearing an orange tank top to compliment his girlfriends blue one. He also wore blue denim cargo shorts. His shoes were blue to match his shorts. He also had normal White Socks on that went up over to his calf. He then found a chain and pulled out a half a Pokeball that he and Ashley fought over when they were little and put it on. His chain was gold. He also put gel on his hair and slicked it back. The half Pokeball replaced the yin-yang necklace he had been previously wearing. He knew that Ashley had her half on a Silver chain so it would compliment hers quite nicely. Maybe since he was wearing his, he could talk Ashley into wearing hers. He also put on a light blue friendship bracelet that Ashley had made him before he started his currently unsuccessful journey. He hoped that she still had her pink one that he had made for her. He then headed to where they were supposed to meet and sat on the bench and waited for her.

Ashley came over to the department that Gary had gone to and looked around for her boyfriend. She then spotted him and was awestruck, his hair was slicked back and combed nicely, his new clothes were amazing. She couldn't stop staring at his perfect body. How had he gotten so buff over the past four years? Wow, time can sure change the look of a person, but his eyes were the same as they had always been. It was thing that had made her fall in love with him in the first place so many years ago. She had to be careful to keep her mouth shut, she may end up drooling all over her favorite outfit. She carefully snuck up behind him and placed her well manicured hands over his eyes.

"Guess who it is handsome." The raven-haired girl said quietly enough so only her and Gary could hear it. "You have three guesses and the first two don't count."

"Misty, Brock?" Gary asked cluelessly "Give me a hint here? Wait a minute I would no those finely manicured fingers anywhere. Ashykins is that you?"

"You got it Gare Bear!" Ashley said as she came around front and gave Gary a loving kiss. Pikachu covered his eyes because he didn't want to see them kiss.

Ashley then surveyed her love. She couldn't help but giggle at how cute he was. Forget cute, he was hot. Ashley then noticed some general changes to his wardrobe like his necklace and friendship bracelet. To say Ashley was surprised was an understatement.

"Gare Bear you kept those things all these years?" Ashley asked as she pulled out her matching set and put it on. "I so can't believe it. You really do care about me!"

Ashley then wrapped her arms around Gary and cried into his shoulder. They weren't tears of sadness, but tears of joy and love. Gary senses his girlfriends distress and starts to rub her back.

"Of course I do Ashykins, I never did stop caring for you." Gary said as he comforted his love.

"I knew you didn't." Ashley said. "You were just upset that we were separated for so long."

Ashley then calmed down and gave Gary a passionate kiss and looked into his blue eyes.

"You know, your new outfit really brings out your baby blues." Ashley said with a blush on her face. "I completely approve your new wardrobe. Now go back and change into your other clothes so I can pay for them."

"Are you sure you want to do that Ashe?" Gary asked. "I mean you worked so hard to earn the money you got from battles."

"A promise is a promise." Ashley said. "I also promised Misty I would pay for her new clothes as well."

"Really?" Gary asked. "Ashykins you are so sweet and such a good friend."

"So are you Gare Bear." Ashley said as she cuddled with her boyfriend. "That is another thing that made me fall in love with you."

With that, Gary got up and went to change into his other clothes so Ashley could pay for it.

Out in the main part of the store...

Ashley waited at the cashier for her friends so they could continue their journey as well as their shopping spree. Ashley had promised Gary to take him to some of the stores he liked as well.

Soon Gary and Misty appeared out of their respective dressing rooms and met Ashley at the counter. Ashley then purchased the clothes. Once they were paid for, Ashley, Gary and Misty had returned to the Pokemon Center.

At the Pokemon Center...

Ashley waited in the lobby, while Gary and Misty went up to change into their new clothes. In a few minutes, Gary and Misty came down in their new outfits. They looked great.

"So shall we like continue our shopping before the festival?" Ashley asked.

Gary and Misty nodded as they continued to shop Ashley and Company had battled some trainers and purchased some dance clothes for the dance later that night.

As it was getting dark, Ashley noticed that Brock was nowhere to be found.

"Hey has anyone seen Brock lately?" Ashley asked worriedly. "I haven't seen him since before we went shopping."

Gary and Misty just shook their heads no.

"We will probably see him at the festival." Misty said. "We should be heading there now."

"I agree." Gary said as he linked arms with his Girlfriend.

At the Festival...

Ashley and company heard some nonsense babbling it sounded like Brock's voice and one other.

"Those voices." Ashley said. "They sound familiar."

Soon, sure enough, Brock and James came out babbling incoherently and remarking about a beautiful maiden.

As time went on it was revealed that the Maiden's Ghost was actually a Gastly trying to keep the legend of Maiden's Rock alive. Soon enough, the spell over James and Brock was broken and Team Rocket attacked. As usual they were sent blasting off again. Ashley and company then changed into their formal wear and headed to the dance after spending the day riding the rides. That night everyone enjoyed a dance. Obviously Ashley danced with Gary. Ashley was wearing a low-cut blue backless dress with high-heals to make herself taller and Gary was wearing a formal orange suit with flats. The happy couple danced the night away. Also Brock and Misty danced as well. Brock was wearing a red formal suit with wingtips, while Misty was wearing a yellow sundress and had her hair undone. She was also wearing High-Heals as well.

Later that night, everyone lit candles and sent them out into the bay to guide the Maiden's love back to her. The Maiden's Ghost showed up and was still waiting for her love. The Gastly that had been keeping the legend alive promised the Maiden's Ghost that if he were to ever find her soldier that he would tell him that his love was still waiting for him. The Maiden's Ghost thanked the Gastly and went back inside the stone statue. Ashley then temporarily transferred her Eevee to Professor Oak and recalled her Butterfree.

Ashley and Company then returned to the Pokemon Center and got rooms for the night. After Ashley and Company got their rooms, they went up to them and fell asleep peacefully. More adventures awaited them in the morning.

The Next Morning...

Ashley and Gary were the first ones up as usual and did their morning duties and headed downstairs for Breakfast. Ashley greeted Gary with a loving kiss as she usually does. Gary happily returned it.

"So where are we headed to next Ashykins?" Gary asked as he broke the kiss.

"Well the closest gym is in Saffron City, but we need to capture a Ghost Pokemon or a Dark Pokemon to have any luck against Sabrina." Ashley said. "Though I hear that a Ground Type Attack does really well against Psychic Pokemon as well. Just to be safe we better capture another Bug Pokemon or bring one back to help us face her."

"That sounds like a good plan Ashykins." Gary said as he embraced his girlfriend with a blush on his face.

"Thank you for the vote of confidence Gare Bear." Ashley said happily with a blush on her face. "Maybe we should get some Breakfast."

"Sounds good to me." Gary said.

With that Ashley and Gary ate breakfast together happily. As soon as they were done, Misty and Brock came down the stairs and got their own Breakfast and set next to the two lovebirds. Misty and Brock finished their Breakfast shortly after Gary and Ashley did.

With that, our four heroes hit the road again and decided together to go to Saffron City.

A bit further up the road...

Ashley and Company came across a meadow with a bunch of Butterfree. Gary wished he would've captured a Butterfree himself. It would've been better, but he knew that Ashley really wanted her Butterfree to find a nice mate. Gary then realized something.

"I just figured out why there are so many Butterfree." Gary said. "It's because it's mating season for them now isn't it?"

Ashley nodded and released her Butterfree. None of the Butterfee would pair with Ashley's. She felt so helpless. Team Rocket then came through and netted up all the Butterfree. Ashley's Butterfree was so mad. He was especially mad that they took the Pink Butterfree he had been keeping his eye on. Ashley's Butterfree saved the Pink one and she fell for him. Team Rocket was then sent blasting off courtesy of a double thunderbolt attack from two Pikachu. Ashley and Company were about to head to Saffron but then remembered that they needed to go through Lavender Town to capture a Ghost Pokemon to help them against Sabrina. Ashley's Butterfree was then released to start a family and Ashley broke down into tears as she fell to her knees. Her and Butterfree had been through so much. She hated to see it go, but she knew that it was her Butterfree's Destiny to leave her someday and start a family of his own. Gary then ran over to his girlfriend and comforted her. She knew that Butterfree was happy now, if possible he was happier now that he wasn't confined to a Pokeball and left to roam free with his new mate. Gary helped Ashley up and set up his tent. Ashley was still in tears as she started to take her tent out to set it up, but Gary sensing his girlfriends distress, had an idea as he passionately kissed Ashley.

"Ashykins," Gary said. "I think you should sleep in my tent with me."

"Gare Bear!" Ashley exclaimed. "Are you implying anything?"

Gary brought his hands up and was in a defensive posture.

"N-no!" Gary exclaimed. "I just want to be their for you in your time of need. I know you just released a good friend and wanted to be there for you.""

Ashley then realized what Gary was talking about and hugged him.

"Thank you so much Gare Bear!" Ashley exclaimed happily with tears in her eyes still. She was still really sad. "Instead of that, do you want to sleep under the stars?"

"Sure Ashykins." Gary said. "That would be great."

"Okay Gare Bear." Ashley said happily as she set up her tent to get ready for bed. She then came out later in a blue t-shirt and shorts combination. She knew it was going to be a nice night.

Gary the changed into his pajamas that consisted of a white t-shirt and shorts combination. His pajamas were orange.

The two teens set up their sleeping bags next to each other as they climbed in ready for a peaceful night's sleep. Brock and Misty decided to sleep in their tents. Everyone fell asleep peacefully. What is in store now? Be on the lookout to find out.

Where one or should I say many adventures end, another one begins. Be on the lookout for more as Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto
continues on!

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Before heading to Saffron City, Ashley and Company have to make a detour to Lavender Town to capture ghost Pokemon. What is in store? Be on the lookout to find out.

Next Time on Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto: Episode 08: The Tower of Terror! Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you!

Well what did you think? This is my first attempt at and Ash is born as Ashley story. Please be gentle. I hope you enjoy!



P.S. I am going to use attacks from all generations in this story as well as Pokemon from all regions as well. It is four years later than the Anime starts. Ashley is 14 and not 10. Just thought I would let my readers know that.

P.P.S. In this story Ash was always Ashley which is why I am making this into a Palletshipping story only Ash is Ashley instead. She has always been female in this story which is why Gary has fallen in love with her.
Episode 07 of Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto
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